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Your Support Helps Women Around The World Follow Their Dreams. With every purchase made we help enrich the lives of women by providing them with access to money to invest in their business, homes and community through micro-finance loans.

Some People You've Helped:

Because of you, we were able to help Umi in Indonesia Today her family has no access to a toilet in their home and must rely on the river for bathing. Her family income is insufficient to build toilets but Umi will be able to repay the loan received. She and her family want to live a healthy life with clean sanitation.


Gemma is a married woman, aged 33, with six children, five of whom are currently in school. She is a very hard-working entrepreneur.  Gemma has a buy and sell slippers business in the Philippines. Gemma needs to buy more slippers to sell and other supplies needed in her business. Gemma has been in this business for two years. In the future, Gemma would like to save enough money so she could afford to send her children to college.



Katherine is a young entrepreneur of 19 years of age. She received her high school diploma and lives with her parents and her younger brother.

Katherine has made her living for two years by selling fashionable men's and women's clothing. Thanks to that, she could pay for her studies and graduate with her high school diploma. In addition to this, she has begun to sell metal plated jewelry, because she wants to increase her earnings to save for and attend college.

She needs this loan to buy metal plated jewelry to expand her business. She will buy earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, among other things. Her future plans are to continue with her studies and graduate college as a professional.


Shop our Mala Prayer Beads


Microfinance loans made through KIVA.org. 20% of net proceeds loaned in perpetuity.

Why Microfinance? Microfinance loans can provide better outcomes than simple charity or donations. They allow recipients to be empowered and take control of their own destiny. As they grow their own business they create additional opportunities within their community and everyone wins. All loans provided to Kiva are interest-free. 

"Don't just offer them a fish to feed them for the day, rather teach them how fish and feed them for their life and allow them to teach others."