10 Mala beads for the Boss Babe Going After Her Dreams

It’s about time the world started paying attention to Beyonce’s old-school mix “Who Run The World”. If you aren’t sure what the answer to that question is, it’s “GIRLS!”

Boss babes are everywhere and they’re literally running the world. Gone are the days of needing a man – not like those days ever existed. Women are taking control of their own destiny and they’re doing it right.  Here are the best 10 mala beads for the boss babe.



There’s something so feisty about the Catura mala beads, making it perfect for the ladies of boss babe nation. The stones are believed to enhance willpower, self-confidence, integrity and practicality. Although, it seems like you do already have that down pat but a little extra could never hurt.



A boss babe can never have too much creativity. After all, you have an entire world to run wild. So, inspire creative visualization and confidence with the earthy, stunning Kali mala beads.



Feed your life force with the Sumeru mala necklace. The natural stones transmit all kinds of electricity to get you what you’ve been working so hard for.



Boss babes work hard for what they want and although the Khorasan mala beads bring luck (that you don’t need), they also bring success, ambition and creativity. Plus, that blue hue is perfect!



The Inyo mala beads is so in-yo-face... In a good kind of way.  As you rise to the top of your career, dreams, goals, life – whatever it is – use these prayer beads to help you stay grounded.



As a boss babe, you need to be able to eliminate distractions so you can go after what you want. That’s exactly what the Baiyu prayer beads do. As a bonus, the natural stones are used to pull in constructive and valuable information all at the same time.


Volcanic Lava

A classic mala bead necklace you can never go wrong with is the Volcanic Lava stones. These mala beads are known for providing physical and mental strength to its wearer, especially when faced with difficult situations. Throw on these prayer beads and repeat after me, “There’s nothing this boss babe can’t handle!”




Bring on the creativity. The agate and balmatin stones in the Dirillo prayer beads will open you up to your hidden talents.



Explore your integrity and self-empowerment with Miass mala beads. These prayer beads also bring on all kinds of positive energies, which you simply can’t go wrong with.



Grey agate is the perfect stone for improving mental functions, which is needed after a long day of being a boss babe. So, throw on your Pakva prayer beads and narrow in on your dreams.

The world is yours to conquer; these mala beads will certainly help! Cheers to all the boss babes out there. 

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