12 Mantras & Mala Beads to Eliminate Stress from your Life

Mantras and mala beads are a powerful combination that enhances your meditation beyond belief simply by channeling more of the powerful energies you need.  But before you do just that, you need to first ensure your mala necklace is designed for stress relief to maximize the effects of your meditation. Then, you have to find a mantra for stress that speaks to you.

So, let's start you on your journey to stress-free living. Here are the best mala beads for stress relief and mantras that follow en suite.



Best Mala Beads for Stress Relief

Each mala necklace is designed with specific stones to channel different energies. Some are designed for clarity, others are designed for love, and of course, there are many designed for stress relief. So, if you’re looking for prayer beads that help relief stress, here are some of our top picks.


Miass mala necklace dispels negative energy

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The Miass mala necklace is an excellent choice for stress relief. It’s made with amazon zone, which has the power to dispel negative energy and guide you on a path of positivity. It’s also the perfect piece for self-empowerment and looking deep within yourself, and is just as beautiful.

Candra mala beads are calming

Finding calmness in the midst of a stressful storm can be difficult to do but not when you have the Candra mala necklace.  Made with serpeggiante stone and turquoise, these mala beads will boost the soothing and healing properties surrounding you, giving you an abundance of calming energies to enhance your meditation and matras for stress.


Zusma is for inner zen

The Zusma mala necklace is the perfect piece for calming your mind and bringing you inner zen. It’s designed with African bloodstone, which will revitalize your energy and reign in positive energies.


As you know, the right mala beads will choose you. So, if you aren’t feeling good vibes from these prayer necklaces, explore the vast array of mala necklaces available for stress relief.


12 Mantras for Stress

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Now, it’s time to find the right mantra. There are many stress relief mantras to choose from, so it’s important to find one that aligns with your energy and intention. If a stress relief mantra doesn’t feel right or natural for you, don’t use it. The key is to find a mantra that makes you feel like it was designed for you. If none of these give you those good vibes, come up with your own. You don’t have to use Sanskrit mantras or popular modern mantras; it can be whatever you want.

Here are some of our favourite mantras for stress relief.


Modern mantras for stress

  1. Worrying today is borrowing from tomorrow.
  2. Just keep swimming.
  3. I am stronger than my circumstances.
  4. This too shall pass.
  5. Fear is nothing more than a feeling of uncertainty.
  6. I change my thoughts, I change the world.
  7. Don’t go in your mind where your body is not.


Traditional mantras for stress

  1. Elohim (to whom one has recourse in distress or when one is in need of guidance).
  2. Om Amideva Hrih (overcome all obstacles).
  3. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti (to become or achieve peace of mind, body, speech).
  4. Great Noble Tara (overcome anxiety and fear; to eliminate suffering of all kinds).
  5. Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha (remove obstacles).



All that’s left for you to do is find the mantras and mala beads for stress that speak to you, and start reciting these powerful statements as you meditate.  

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