4 Incredibly Empowering Things You Can Do with Your Mala Beads

It’s time to think outside of your wardrobe, yogis and fashionistas. There are some truly empowering things you can do with mala beads that you probably have never thought of before. So, embrace yourself. You’re in for a treat.


Give a gift that keeps giving

It wouldn’t be fair to keep all the good vibes to yourself. So, gift some mala beads to a loved one. It’s an excellent way to give a gift that keeps giving and one that means significantly more than a simple piece of jewelry.

So, make sure the recipient understands what their mala beads can do for them. Here are some gift giving ideas:

  • Best friend going through a breakup
  • Sisters studying for exams
  • Moms experiencing panic attacks, exhaustion or depression
  • Boyfriend’s feeling off balanced
  • Just graduated college and have no idea what to do

Whatever the occasion, celebration, trauma or situation, you can give the gift of a solution. They’re called prayer beads for a reason – they answer prayers, desires, intentions, wishes, dreams – you name it.


Empower women around the world

 You read that right! With mala beads, you can empower women and give back to a great cause. 20% of all proceeds go towards supporting women around the world so they can follow their dreams. The funds are used to enrich the lives of women entrepreneurs, which gives you a hefty dose of good karma as well.


Get what you want

Finally, you can get what you want! Whether it’s a new promotion or a job, strength or clarity or a new love affair, there’s a mala bead that’ll help you get it. Just set your mala necklace on your yoga mat or in your right hand, and google some Asana yoga videos. Before you know it, you’ll have what you want. At the very least, you’ll be closer to it. Here are some of the things you can use mala beads for:

  • Channeling physical, emotional or mental strength
  • Obtaining clarity
  • Eliminating anxiety
  • Decreasing emotional discomfort
  • Navigating through challenging situations
  • Focusing
  • Staying humble
  • Increasing emotional stability
  • Adding safety and protection
  • Channeling your inner self confidence
  • Obtaining a practical outlook
  • Increasing happiness and positivity
  • Bringing on some luck
  • Finding success
  • Being more creative
  • Finding love
  • Treating exhaustion, depression or panic attacks
  • Finding balance and peace

… And that’s only to name a few. So, needless to say, it’s time for a mala bead shopping spree!


Enhance your meditation practice

Mala beads are most commonly used for meditation, as they help narrow in on your true intentions. As such, incorporating them into your Pranayama or Japa Mantra practice can actually enhance your concentration to bring more intention. Just use the beads as cues for breathing and/or mantras, and don’t stop until you reach your guru bead.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking mala beads are only for fashion. The beauty goes far beyond just that, and these are only a few of the empowering things you can do with your new set of mala beads.



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