4 Mala Necklaces for Finding Love

Every mala necklace comes with a unique purpose and energy specific to the mala bead used to create that style. Some are designed with volcanic lava stones, believed to bring physical and mental strength, others are designed with jade for internal healing, and of course, many other mala necklaces are designed for love.

So, whether you’re looking to heal from a heartbreak, find the love of your life, or discover self-love through meditation, here are the best prayer beads to do just that.



Fall in Love with Sumeru Mala Beads

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As if the deep red hue seen on the Sumeru mala necklace wasn’t even to have you falling in love, the crystal meaning behind each mala bead will. It’s designed with redstone for healing, watermelon stone for channeling love, and agate for balance, protection, and courage. So, you can finally go get that babe standing on the other side of the room.

With the mixture of strength and courage, combined with positive energies that channel love, you could very well meet your Prince or Princess Charming the next time you’re wearing this mala necklace.  


Czar Mala Beads are the Ultimate Love Potion

mala necklace, mala beads, crystal meanings, prayer beads,

Our Czar prayer beads are inarguably one of the most popular. They’re chic, feminine, and infused with a love potion you simply can’t deny. Czar combines the lava stone for strength, Malaysian Jade for internal healing, and rhodinite to open up your heart to unconditional love. As such, it’s the ultimate mala bead love potion that allows you to heal, channel your emotional strength, and wear your heart on your sleeve once again.


Love Needs a Little Luck from the Khorasan

The Khorasan mala necklace is incredibly stunning and the perfect hue for the spring and summer season. However, the crystal meanings behind the design make it just as powerful as it is chic.

Designed with turquoise, this is the mala necklace you need for luck, success, creativity, and ambition. It’ll give you to green light to opened doors you never knew existed. And with luck and success by your side, or rather, hanging from your neck, you can’t go wrong.


Confidence is Key to Finding Love with Atri

Slip an Atri mala necklace around your neck and you’ll have all the confidence you need to find love. And as the old saying goes, “confidence is everything,” so don’t underestimate its power.

Designed with blue point stone, you won’t have to worry about tripping over your words the next time you see a good-looking lad or lady because these mala beads open up and clear your throat chakra. And the more confident you speak, the more confident you feel, and the more confident you are.

The Atri mala necklace is also designed with natural white quarts which is considered to be the master healer that’ll give you all the positive energy and thoughts you need to go after what you want. 


So, stop waiting for love to find you. Take advantage of the mala beads on your Mala Prayer necklace and channel the energies and healing you need to find your Prince or Princess Charming.


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