4 Surprising Life Changes That Occur After You Start Meditating

September 14, 2017

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Meditation isn’t just for your mind. While the process of slipping deep into mindfulness in an effort to align your chakras has a lot to do with your mental health and state, the benefits that follow far exceed the mind. Meditation provides an abundance of healing energies and mindfulness to your body and spirit in addition to your mind, individually and as a whole which presents your life with some awesome new twists, turns and habits! And here's what you can expect when you start using your prayer beads and mandala tapestries for mindfulness. 



You start turning into a morning person

You and morning? Those two things are never found in the same sentence but the more you meditate, the more you’ll find yourself waking up in the morning completely refreshed and alert even before your alarm clock even goes off. It’s amazing and as a proud night-owl and anti-morning activist, I didn’t think it was possible myself but it all starts to make sense.

The more you meditate, the better quality of sleep you get at night. In fact, your mind, body and spirit start to require less sleep than it needed before you started meditated, yet you feel just as rested, if not more so.  


You naturally focus more on internal happiness

It’s common in today’s society to constantly be seeking external happiness. All this time, you’ve been receiving happiness from money, accomplishments and relationships, and never saw a problem with it. After all, all happiness is good happiness? Yes, to a certain extent.

When you start to meditate, your mind, body and spirit take a shift towards seeking internal happiness. While you may garner positive feelings from external avenues, they no longer hold as much weight and significance as they once did. You’d rather find happiness from within and you yearn for that.

This happens with meditation because your circumstances start to change as you begin to experience mindfulness. You no longer need something external to make you happy; you just are.


Mindfulness extends into your meals

One surprising lifestyle change that follows meditation occurs within your diet. Despite loving your deep-fried foods and carb-enriched treats, you stop desiring and craving them. Instead, you start wanting to bring mindfulness and wellness into your meals.

With regular meditation, you begin to thrive and reach your peak of happiness and health. The positive feelings make you want to add as much of it into every aspect of your life.   You don’t want to risk diminishing the amazing things you’re feeling by simply indulging in junk food, so you start to add mindfulness into your meals. You begin educating yourself on the ingredients and cooking processes that are going to enhance your lifestyle and wellness.


You start being content with the way you’re living your life

Seeking other people’s approvals and being envious of their exciting lives filling up your Instagram feed? Forget about it. With meditation, you stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and how they’re living their lives. You no longer have a fear of missing out on what everyone else is doing because you know what you’re doing ­­– for you – is right. You have this feeling of content building up inside of you and nothing else matters. Just you, your mindfulness and your life.


No, it’s not a miracle; it’s meditation. Start your mindfulness practice today; shop the Mala Prayer collection of prayer beads and mandala tapestries and you’ll be well on your way to experiencing these life changes.