5 Different Ways to Activate your Mala Beads

Your mala beads will never deliver to their full potential if you don’t infuse them with your intentions. While the power of prayer beads has a lot to do with the natural stones they’re created from, it’s also crucial to have your energies included in the mix to ensure optimal results. So, once your Mala Prayer package arrives, make sure you activate your mala beads with one of these methods.

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Start with a quiet place

The most important step to activating your mala beads is to do so in the right setting. The last thing you want is to activate them in the midst of a stressful and chaotic situation. So, find a quiet place where you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Then, you can begin activating your mala beads with slow, steady breaths as you slip into a deeper state of mind.


Activate your mala beads by touch

One of the easiest ways to transmit your intention and energy into your new prayer beads is with touch.

The most popular way to activate mala beads is to move them through your fingers as you focus and/or state your intention. Be sure to avoiding your pointer finger, as this will transmit egotistic energies.  

You can also hold your mala necklace or mala bracelet on your heart and focus on what you’re doing and what you want your beads to deliver.

Another way to activate prayer beads through touch is to place them on your third eye (in between your eyebrows). Focus on your intention, wish, prayer or desire you wish your beads to deliver.


Activate your mala beads verbally

Another way to easily activate your prayer beads is with your voice. With your beads in hand, speak to them and ask for support and guidance as you seek your intention, whatever that may be. So, you might want to ask for support and guidance as you search for love, or support and guidance as you overcome a personal struggle. Just ask for it and your prayer beads will deliver.


Charge your mala beads with candles and incense

A lot of people like to combine their meditation practice with candles and incense, both of which can be used to activate prayer beads. It’s similar to people using sage to cleanse their home of negativity, as the scents have energies that cater to your intention. So, light your favorite candle, burn some incense specific to your intention and let the scent float over your beads as you focus on your desires.


Seal in your intentions

Finish activating your mala beads with the traditional mantra, “Om Hrim Name Shivaya Om.” This will seal in the energies you’ve just emitted into your prayer beads, allowing them to be released only when you need them.


Once you’ve sealed in your intentions, take some time to enjoy the moment. Don’t jump up and out of the calm state of mind you’re in. Remain in spot for a couple minutes and slowly come out of the moment to ensure a full activation of your prayer beads.  



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