5 Mala Prayer Necklace Meanings Everyone Needs in their Life

Mala beads help you channel an energy you’re in desperate need of. Sometimes, you don’t even know what it is you need. You simply find yourself insanely intrigued by a certain set of mala beads only to later find out that the mala beads align with your subconscious thoughts that you didn’t even know about just yet. That’s the power of mala beads.

Whether you’re looking for love, need a bit of a push, or some strength to get you through the day, there’s a Mala Prayer necklace for you. Since there’s a vast array of mala bead purposes, it can be hard to narrow in on your true internal needs; meditation will help with that! For now, add these 5 Mala Prayer necklaces into your wardrobe because everyone needs the energies provided by these mala beads.



Mala Prayer Necklace for Strength

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Everyone needs strength. Some need strength to crawl out of bed in the morning, others need it to get through an awfully mundane and boring office meeting; some need strength to overcome heartache and others need it to clear their mind and achieve clarity. There are so many reasons people need strength in their life. Some may seem trivial, others may seem dramatic but to each their own. It’s your mala bead necklace and you can do what you want with the extra dose of strength.

Mala Prayer has several mala beads that provide different means of strength tailored for different intentions. However, the Volcanic Lava Stone is a great option for every day, as it provides an increase your overall strength, both physical and mental to help you get through difficult situations. 


Mala Prayer Necklace for Happiness

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We could all use a splash of happiness each day, and there are many mala beads that’ll provide just that. The Sumeru Mala Prayer necklace is an awesome choice for added happiness, as the colour alone will add a spark of positivity into your day and wardrobe.

This necklace is made with Redstone, Watermelon Stone, and Agate, which are three mala beads known for attracting love, adding excitement into your life, and transmitting electric energy.


Mala Prayer Necklace for Balance

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Don’t get your head stuck too high in the clouds. We all need to come back to real life, realize what’s important, and stay humble and kind. The Dirillo is a beautiful Mala Prayer necklace that has a unique design than all the rest. More importantly, it’s made with Agate and Balmatin, two stones known for promoting ying-yang energy. These mala beads are also highly recognized for bringing strength and courage, along with creativity (and chic style) to its wearer. 


Mala Prayer Necklace for Confidence

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Even the most confident people in the world have their down days. Keep a Catura Mala Prayer Necklace on hand anytime to you need a boost willpower, integrity, self-confidence, and protection. The combined benefits of Balmatin and Tiger-Eye mala beads emit a powerful blend of energies that’ll help you tackle everything in your path.


Mala Prayer Necklace for Love

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We all need love, which is potentially why the Czars Mala Prayer necklace is a top seller! Not only is this stunning piece of yoga jewelry the perfect statement, it also aids with emotional stability, which will instantly set you up for love. As a bonus, the Rhondite, Malaysian Jane, and Lava Stone used to make up this stone is believed to stimulate unconditional love. So, throw this sassy piece on and you never know what may happen!


With every Mala necklace comes a purpose. While the aesthetics are incredibly important since you’ll be wearing them with your wardrobe, the true beauty goes far beyond what meets the eye. 


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