5 Oddly Satisfying Mala Beads Everyone Should Have in their Wardrobe

If you aren’t already obsessed with mala beads, it’s time to jump on this fashion trend. The beauty and power of mala beads go far beyond what meets the eye. So, whether you’re an yoga enthusiast, live a holistic lifestyle or simply want fashion that provides more than a stylish statement, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five oddly satisfying mala beads that everyone needs to have within their wardrobe. 


Ease anxiety naturally with Orletz mala beads



To some, the orletz mala bracelet and necklace may look like stunning pieces of jewelry but to you, they can be a powerful tool for easing anxiety naturally. The orletz mala beads are made with rhodonite and alloy, two stones known for dispelling emotional discomfort and anxiety. It’s believed to help the wearer remain centered even in challenging situations. Plus, it’s super stunning. So, put down the prescription medications and pick up some Orletz mala beads instead.mala beads, mala necklaces, mala bracelets, prayer beads,




Stay humble and kind with Acala mala beads


Channel your inner Tim McGraw and stay humble and kind. If you’ve never heard the song before, it’s time to hit up Google because it’s amazing but that’s beside the point. The point is, mala bracelets and necklaces can be used to keep yourself – you guessed it – humble and kind.

The Acala mala beads are designed with white fossil, picture stone, ox-horn and lambskin tassels to connect you closer with the earth. The materials are believed to bring you comfort, alleviate fear, and protection.

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Be more confident when you wear Catura prayer beads


One look at the Catura mala necklace and you’ll see why this fierce and sassy, yet edgy prayer bead necklace brings you confidence. Designed with a balmatin and tiger eye stones, these mala beads are the perfect blend of balance.

The tiger eye stone is said to bring the wearer an abundance of protection while also enhancing your willpower, self-confidence, integrity and practicality. And if you ask us, that’s a recipe for some seriously badass yet humble confidence.

mala beads, mala necklaces, mala bracelets, prayer beads,


Brighten even the gloomiest of days with Miass mala beads


The Miass mala beads are definitely must haves for your wardrobe. Both the Miass mala bracelet and necklace are designed with different colored amazon stone, which is the secret to brightening up your life – and outfits.

The stone is believed to dispel negative energy while also guiding you towards positivity. You simply can’t have a bad day when rocking these stunning mala beads.

mala beads, mala necklaces, mala bracelets, prayer beads,


Realign your energies for a stunning dose of encouragement with Zusma mala beads


If you need a boost of positive energies within all aspects of your life, the Zusma mala beads are where it’s at. Designed with a stunning array of African bloodstone, these mala beads are believed to realign energies while assisting you on a path of revitalization and courage. They’re the perfect beads for clearing your mind in order to get a boost of encouragement and courage.

mala beads, mala necklaces, mala bracelets, prayer beads,



The best part? All of these mala beads (except for the Catura – stay tuned for that) come in both mala necklaces and mala bracelets. So, you can increase the positive energies by layering up! Shop today and grab your intentions while wearing them proudly.

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