5 Powerful Tips for Deep Meditation

There’s two kinds of meditation; there’s “Ooh, that felt good” meditation and then there’s “Wow! I totally escaped to a different realm” meditation. The latter is what people call deep meditation and it’s inarguably one of the most powerful states of mind and relaxation you can ever get to.

While there’s no denying that deep meditation takes a lot of practice to get to, these tips are certain to help you progress closer to that life changing mental state.


Center yourself and calm your body

This tip is the key to meditation – period. You simply can’t meditate if your mind, body, breath and soul is all out of whack. You have to calm and interconnect each in order to activate the parasympathetic nervous system.


Take three to five full breaths prior to meditating and make them as long and deep as possible. With each breath, relax the muscles in both your mind and body.



Think happy thoughts

This meditation tip might sound silly. It might even make you laugh, which is great because you’ll be sending happy thoughts to your brain which is exactly what you need.

In order to reach the levels of deep meditation, you must bring your mind to a joyful place. Otherwise, your brain will be receiving all the stress and negative energies, which will prevent your mind from relaxing.


Think of things that make you happy – people, places, things, jokes, sayings – and focus deeply on them.



Know your intention

Just as we recommend when choosing mala beads, it’s important to know your intention for meditation. This will allow your mind, body, and soul to narrow in on the things you hope to achieve.


Repeat your intention or mantra for several minutes, focusing solely on that one thing.



Eliminate distractions

You will never enter the realm of deep meditation if you have distractions around you. A barking dog, cat meowing, children fighting, and a buzzing radio will through you off your balance. So, eliminate every distraction possible. 


Find a quiet place that allows you to escape the noise – both physical and internal.



Listen to the silence

Even if you’re playing a mantra audio tape or repeating your mantra out loud, you will notice a sense of silence surrounding you as you slip into deep meditation. Relish in it. Wrap your entire mind, body, and soul up in this layer of silence that brings you sensations you never knew were possible.


Appreciate the concentration, silence, and energy surrounding you


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Deep meditation will change your life but it can be hard to get to. So, grab some mala beads. They're great for helping you slip into a different realm by channeling specific energies related to your intentions. Mala beads are also amazing for practicing meditation and keeping track of your breathing.  

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