5 Reasons You Need Mala Prayer Beads in Your Life

If you’ve been on Instagram feed (who hasn’t?), you’ve likely seen tons of people wearing these long, beaded necklaces with tassels on the end. Well, these aren’t just any ordinary beaded necklace. Instead, this fashion trend is all about yoga prayer beads. They aren’t just stunning pieces of yoga jewelry; they have a purpose that goes far beyond what meets the eye.

But what are mala prayer beads, you ask? 

Mala prayer beads, also known as yoga prayer beads or Buddhist beads, are a type of yoga jewelry used to strengthen your meditation practise. But they're also much more than that. Each Mala Prayer necklace brings a plethora of benefits to, not only your yoga practise but to your life as a whole as well.

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1. Yoga prayer beads deepen your meditation

As someone who meditates, you understand how powerful it can be. The deeper you get into it, the stronger the outcome. Mala prayer beads help make that connection between your mind, body, and soul. It calms and soothes your mind, allowing you to dip further into the state of mind that allows you to obtain mindfulness. 

2. Gain the benefits you want, whatever that may be

Our mala prayer necklaces are created with different stones, all of which offer something different to you and your yoga practise. This puts you within arms reach of what you want to gain from your meditation. It all depends on the mala bead necklace you choose.

For example, our Volcanic Mala Necklace is made with lava stone, which is known for providing strength and clarity. It’s also believed to provide the wearer with mental and physical strength when dealing with difficult situations. If you're in need of these benefits, this is the Mala prayer necklace for you. 

3. Find the solutions you’re looking for

Meditation is a great way to channel your inner thoughts. However, it doesn’t always provide you with the solutions you’re seeking. Mala prayer necklaces are crafted with various stones to help you find the answers you’re looking for.

For example, if you’re in need of some healing, our Iona mala bead necklace is a great option. If you’re looking for love, wear a Sumeru necklace. It's designed with Redstone, Watermelon Stone, and Agate, all of which are believed to attract love, and emit positive energies.

4. Give back to yourself, as well as women around the world


When you shop mala prayer beads, you’re giving back to yourself, as well as many others. You get a beautiful piece of yoga jewelry (duh), but you also provide yourself with the opportunity to achieve mindfulness. 

You're also giving back to many women around the world. 20% of all purchases go to Kiva Organization, which provides micro-finance loans to help women entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. This also helps to eliminate poverty and enhance the quality of life for many people. So, every mala prayer necklace is a gift that keeps giving.

 5. Achieve mental wellness

Meditation combined with mala prayer necklaces allows you to achieve optimal mental wellness. These types of yoga jewelry are designed to help you personally with whatever it is you may be dealing with. You can channel self-empowerment or gain inner peace, increase your emotional stability and focus, or improve concentration. 

 what are mala prayer beads, what are mala beads, yoga prayer beads, yoga jewelry, yoga mala, mala prayer necklaces

The powerful elements found in every mala bead go far beyond what meets the eye. Channel the energy you’re seeking with a Mala Prayer necklace, and take control of your meditation, mind, body, and soul.



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