5 Surprising Feels You Get from Meditation

Meditation isn’t just for hippies, monks, and yogis. It’s something everyone from all walks of life can enjoy and reap the powerful benefits from. If you don’t know what those benefits are, you're likely confused about meditation as a whole. After all, what does breathing and mala beads have to do with feeling good about yourself? A lot. Here are some of the best feelings you’ll get when you grab your mala beads and start to meditation.



Complete and utter relaxation  

Catching up on some well needed rest and relaxation is easier said than done – without meditation, that is. It’s difficult to get into the state of mind you need to be in in order to reach that level of complete zen. There’s cars revving their engines, street lights buzzing, and electricity interrupting the vibes in your space.

However, with meditation, you learn how to zone all of those things out so you can finally get the peace and quiet you need to properly sleep into a deep level of relaxation.


Total happiness

Just when you think you’re at your happiest, meditation teaches you that you can always be happier. Several studies show that detaching yourself from your emotions results in ultimate happiness as all of that blame, anger, frustration, guilt and other nonsense that’s weighing you down disappears.


An abundance of ambition

As you slip into meditation, you start to eliminate all the things that hold you back. There’s no more fear, no more anxiety, and as a result, you come out of your meditation practice ready to take on the world. So, if you’re stuck in a hard place and can’t decide how to overcome the hurdles blocking the way to your dreams, channel a hefty dose of ambition through meditation.  


A need to do more

By eliminating negative emotions and thoughts, you instantly start to decrease the brain fog that’s been weighing you down. As a result, you’re able to be more productive throughout the day. This is why a lot of people like to meditate in the morning; it’s like a jolt of java, sans the midday crash.


Confidence like a Queen (or King)

Meditation is an excellent way to bring out your confidence, as it decreases the negative energy holding you back. As you move your way through your mala beads, this feeling like there’s nothing in this world that can hold you back sweeps over you. And it’s true. Nothing can hold you back. Sometimes, you just need a little push and that’s what meditation does.


Sense of self-worth

One of the best benefits you receive from meditation with prayer beads is a sweet sense of self-worth. By eliminating the negative thoughts and detaching yourself from your emotions, you’re able to appreciate who you are as an individual. Instead of focusing on the things you didn’t do, your brain shifts towards appreciating the things you have done and instead of thinking about the bad memories, your mind highlights the positive ones. 


 So, if you’re ready to get all these feels it’s time to get some prayer beads and start meditating! These benefits only skim the surface of what you will receive through meditation.


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