6 Best Yoga Tips Every Beginner Should Know

 Yoga is simple, yet complex. Despite using nothing more than your own weight and special movements, it’s an extreme workout for your mind, body, and soul. So, don’t make the beginner mistake of underestimating its power. You will be working up a sweat and putting your body to the test. 


6 Yoga Tips for Beginners

To capitalize on the power of yoga and reduce risk of injury, here are the best yoga tips for beginners that'll help you start this wonderful practice. 


Keep a journal

If you’re starting yoga to achieve more than just physical strength and flexibility, keep a journal. Throughout your yoga classes, you’ll be provided with various tips, tricks, comments and insights that’ll help you engage your mind, emotions, and spirit throughout your practice. Write them down, along with any movements or moments that make you feel rejuvenated and revitalized so you can channel similar feeling moving forward.


Practice at home

Most people like to get their yoga practice in with a class but that doesn’t mean yoga should be forbidden within your household. As you start to feel the effects yoga has on your mind, body, and soul, it’ll quickly become your go-to. If you’re sad? Yoga. If you’re stressed? Yoga. If you’re tired? Yoga. Everything becomes yoga because it’s not just a workout but rather, a lifestyle. So, you’ll find yourself wanting to do some yoga sequences or meditate at random times, even when classes aren’t scheduled. To ensure you can get your yoga in anytime you want, make sure you have created a space within your home, complete with a yoga mat and mala beads.


Explore different types of yoga for beginners

In the grand scheme of things, yoga is such a broad term. There are various types of yoga for beginners, some of which you’ll love and other’s that simply won’t appeal to you. So, one of the best yoga tips for beginners is to explore them all. Discover the types of yoga that align with your chakra, intentions and goals to find the best ones for you.  


Add meditation to your yoga routine

Meditation is one of the most powerful things you can do for your mind, body, and soul. As such, most yoga classes strongly focus on asana (high relaxation and meditation). Although, not all do, so make sure you set time aside for deep meditation if it isn't included.

Meditation will help create balance within your yoga practice while also transforming you into mindfulness.  Grab some mala beads, as they help you count through your meditation while also channeling the energies you’re looking for.


Focus on your alignment

Your posture and alignment are key to maximizing the benefits of yoga. So, pay attention to the instructor’s alignment and re-enact it within your own movement. Look in a mirror and see if your posture is similar. If not, adjust your body or ask the instructor for help.


Listen closely to the yoga instructor

One of the best yoga tips for beginners is to listen closely to the instructor. This will help you pick up on key words, tricks, and instructions that’ll help you maximize the power of the movements. Once you learn the yoga vocabulary, you’ll be able to complete the classes with your eyes closed – and that’s an entirely new experience in itself.



Get your mala beads today and start implementing these yoga tips for beginners. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself switching from ‘doing yoga as a workout’ to ‘doing yoga as a lifestyle’. It happens to all of us because it’s that great.

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