6 Hilarious Reactions You Get When You Wear Mala Beads


If you don’t believe in the spiritual power of mala beads, add them into your wardrobe and you certainly will. There’s something about these bohemian meditation beads that will have everyone turning their heads as you strut by. They emit certain energies that just captivate the people around you.  So, if you’re unsure about the power of meditating with prayer beads, throw some on. It’s the perfect way to see the powerful benefits of mala beads that are usually invisible.  



Yogis Unite

Any time you cross someone who also practices yoga or meditates, you’ll get that look. You know, the kind-of-look you get from someone that instantly tells you you’re on the same level. Wearing mala beads is like seeing someone wearing your favorite band t-shirt and giving them that look like “Hey, you rock. I love that band too”, only for yoga fans.  


Damn, Girl or Hey Boy

Of course, you’re going to get some attention from the opposite sex if that’s what your energy is triggering. There’s even mala beads designed to bring unconditional love and attract new relationships. So, if you’re single and so over mingling, wear the Czars mala bracelet and mala necklace to see it’s true potential.


The Toucher

There’s always that one person who feels the need to touch whatever they like. It could be someone’s hair, someone’s shoes, someone’s purse – or your mala beads - and whoever that person is, they’ll need to touch your beads as they complement you on your fabulous fashion. The only problem with this is that the traditional practice of prayer beads says no one should ever touch your mala beads, as it’ll transfer their energies. Some still follow this rule, others don’t but if you don’t like people touching your beads, you can always cleanse your mala beads them with some sunlight afterwards.


Peace Sign

You may even stumble across some hippies or hipsters that totally get down with your vibes. As a result, you’ll likely get the classic 70’s ‘peace sign’ as you strut down the sidewalk wearing your mala beads. Make love not war, man. 


The “I Want One” Stare

Then, there are the people who see something they like and feel the need to stare, as if staring will tell them where you got your mala beads from. So, don’t be intimidated if people start eye-balling your beads. They’re admiring your style and want to know where you got your accessories. So, let them know, “Mala Prayer!”


The Confused Look

Some people will never understand the power of meditation and spiritual energies. You can try to teach them with all your might but they still won’t get it. So, you may even get a confused look from people as you explain that your mala beads are rebelling negative energies. Not everyone will understand, which is unfortunate for them.


Grab some new prayer beads and see what kind of reactions you can get from your friends, family and strangers! Who knows; your next set of mala beads may send you right into the arms of potential love or a promotion!

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