6 Ways Mala Beads Bring You Out of a Panic Attack

Prayer beads aren’t just for style and they aren’t just for yoga either. These beautiful strings of beads have all kinds of energies, many of which can bring you straight out of a panic attack when used properly. So, together let’s break the stigma associated with mental illness and achieve wellness with mala beads.



Help you practice deep breathing

The traditional practice for mala beads involves deep breathing through meditation, which can be used to come out of an anxiety attack. In fact, deep breathing is one of the best natural cures for anxiety but it takes time to learn how to do it properly.

This is where the benefits of prayer beads come in. Each day, you can use the beads to train yourself to breathe deeply so when you’re in the midst of an attack, you know how to come out of it.

That’s another reason why mala necklaces and mala bracelets are so great. You have your tools with you wherever you go and when you’re feeling anxious, all you have to do is touch your malas and breath with each bead.


Bring you to a calmer state of mind

Due to the traditional method of prayer beads, they can be a great way for achieving a calmer state of mind. Deep breathing is a big one but there are certain mala necklaces and bracelets that have natural materials believed to promote calm energies throughout your soul. The mihira mala beads are one of the many available on Mala Prayer that promote calming and soothing elements.


Dispel negative energy


As mentioned, prayer beads are designed with specific materials to promote different energies. There are many that dispel negative energy, which pushes away the fear and anxious that can send you into a panic attack. The Miass mala necklace and mala bracelet are a perfect example of prayer beads that will get rid of negative energy while also guiding you to positivity.  


Channel inner strength


Often times, in order to come out of a panic attack, you need internal strength. Unfortunately, anxiety can be so debilitating that you feel weaker than you have ever felt before. So, you can use prayer beads to give yourself that extra boost of strength you need to overcome the struggle. The Zusma mala bracelet and necklace are great for bringing you the courage and strength you need, but often can’t find within yourself in the midst of a panic attack.


Eliminate anxiety

If there’s any prayer beads you need to overcome panic attacks, it’s one that are designed specifically to eliminate anxiety. The Acala mala necklace and mala bracelet is an awesome combination that is designed to bring you comfort while alleviating your fear.


Decrease emotional discomfort

Your emotional play a huge role in your mental health but dealing with anxiety can make it impossible to feel comfort. The Orletz mala bracelet and mala necklace are the perfect option that dispels emotional discomfort while helping you remain centered even in the most difficult situations.


So, grab yourself some prayer beads from Mala Prayer and let’s break the stigma, one breath and bead at a time.

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