7 Morning Habits for a Positive and Productive Day

Good morning, fellow yogis and mindful meditators. Not a morning person? We hear ya! Mornings can be tough, especially during the winter season when you’re waking up when as dark as night outside, only to step into a warm shower that’s about to leave you shivering cold. Oh, the joys of mornings!

But, if mindfulness has taught you anything, it’s that changing your thought process and adjusting your habits to more mindful practices, even the worst of situations actually enjoyable. So, here are 7 morning habits to add into your regime for a positive and productive day.



Treat Yourself to a Deep Stretch

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Oooh. There’s nothing like a good, long, deep stretch and the morning is the perfect time for it! The best part is that you don’t even have to get out of bed for this morning habit to work wonders. So, just spread your arms and legs out, reaching through your fingers and toes, close your eyes, make a silly face, let out a loud sigh and release any tension and stress that has carried on from the day before.


Say No to The Smartphone… For a Bit Anyway

If you’re like we once were, the first thing you do in the morning after pressing snooze on your iPhone 5 times in a row is scroll through your social media feeds. However, this is counteractive to starting your day off positive and productively. So, forget about the feeds for a bit. Turn off your alarm and put your smartphone back down. If you need some visual stimulation to get your day started, head on to the next step….


Practice Some Visualization

morning habits, mindfulness, mala beads, bohemian tapestries, meditation, bohemian tapestry, starting the day positive,

If you feel like you need something visual to get your day started, you aren’t alone, but you don’t need your iPhone to do just that. Instead, hang a bohemian tapestry on your bedroom walls and use that to stimulate and motivate your mind in the morning. Bohemian tapestries have so many beautiful details that are certain to wake you up.


Find your Mantra

It’s always good to have a mantra to follow for the day. Some people choose to have the same mantra day in and day out, whereas others like to choose a mantra based on their current mood, mental health and intention. Either way, having a mantra is a great way to channel some motivation and good vibes throughout the day. So, whether it’s Hakuna Matata, “Om” or another one of our favourite mantras, make sure you have one each morning.


Meditate, Meditate, Meditate

morning habits, mindfulness, mala beads, bohemian tapestries, meditation, bohemian tapestry, starting the day positive,

If nothing else, meditate. Meditation is an excellent way to gather – and align your mind, body and spirit for the rest of the day. Now, you don’t have to meditate for long – and doing so could be counterproductive, as you may become so relaxed that you fall back to sleep. So, keep your morning meditation between 5 to 10 minutes, just enough time to collect yourself and channel your intention and mantra for the day.


Go with Some H20

Hydration is a huge component to mental, physical and emotional health. So, getting a full glass of water into your system right at the break of dawn is an excellent way to start the day off on a positive note. Doing so will also help cleanse your mouth and throat of any bacteria (and bad breath) left over from the night before, while also giving you a nice boost of energy.


Trade in the Java for an Herbal Tea

Once you’re up and going, your next step is likely to get a jolt of java. Yoga and coffee. The two seem to go hand-in-hand for most of us. However, caffeine isn’t a healthy option for everyone, especially if you’re suffering from anxiety, depression or feelings of bleh! So, trade in the coffee for some decaf coffee or herbal tea for an extra dose of morning mindfulness. 


Add these 7 morning habits into the break of dawn for a positive and productive day that’s filled with warmth and sunshine, even on the darkest and most dreary days of the season. Head on over to Mala Prayer to pick up some mindful tools to help you start the morning off right.

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