7 Shocking Things You’ll Do With Your Prayer Beads


Mala beads aren’t just a chic statement of style. They’re full of powerful elements that will take you out of your comfort zone – and the things you do as a result may shock you.



You'll cry like you’re watching the end of Titanic


Your new prayer beads might make you cry, and we don’t mean shed a couple tears. You might bawl like you were watching Rose let Jack sink to the bottom of the ocean type of crying. Why? Because you’ll finally have the answers you’ve been looking for. Prayer beads aren’t just fashionably necklaces and mala bracelets. They’re a solution to all your needs. 


You'll laugh until you cry


Your crying might even stem from laughing or you may start laughing after you stop bawling because of how long it took you to get what you were looking for. All of this time spent searching for your destiny and purpose, and all you needed was some prayer beads.


You'll meditate like this awesome dog


You don’t have to meditate with your prayer beads but since you have them, you might as well add this practice into your life. Meditation is an excellent way to achieve optimal mental and emotional health. So, meditate with your malas, people.


You'll be relaxed even in the stressful situations


It doesn’t matter if you’re in a crowded subway station or in a room that’s being taken over my screaming toddlers – you will feel relaxed when you wear your mala beads. Heck, there’s nothing that can bring you out of your zen den when you’re rocking some stunning prayer beads.


You'll dance like Ellen DeGeneres


You know what you do when you’re happy? You dance, and dance you shall! Whether it’s a happy dance or some winding and grinding at a club, prayer beads will make you bust a move. So, channel your inner Ellen Degeneres, ladies.


You'll fall in love


Yup. You will even fall in love, not only with your prayer beads but with the people around you as well. There are tons of mala bracelets and necklaces that channel unconditional love. So, your Prince Charming is waiting for you to shop Mala Prayer.


You'll bust out some weird yoga moves


Similar to meditation, your mala beads will make you want to bust out some yoga moves. Yoga is great for your health – emotionally, mentally, and physically. So, bust out your beads and use them to their highest potential.


You'll face your fears and try something new


Your prayer beads will even make you try something new. It could be a simple as wearing a new outfit with your mala beads or as drastic as skydiving. Depending on the type of prayer beads you get, you can channel some courage and eliminate your fears. So, expect to do something different. Your beads will make you.


If you’re ready to do all these amazing things, it’s time to shop Mala Prayer. We have the beads you need.

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