8 Best Mala Beads For Anxiety

As an anxiety sufferer, any bit of help is great. Finding the right kind of treatment and healing is essential to your health, and despite what you may think, it doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.

Many natural healing remedies have the power of prescriptions when used properly. And you guessed it, there are mala beads for anxiety that will help you overcome this exhausting illness.

So, if you believe in the healing powers of the world and nature’s stones, these are the best mala beads for anxiety.

1. strength and clarity: Volcanic Lava Stone

anxiety, mala beads for anxiety, ease anxiety naturally,

The Volcanic lava stone mala beads are perfect for channeling the physical and mental strength when facing difficult situations. So, the lava stone mala bracelet and mala necklace are definitely a must.   

2. grounding to provide emotional and spiritual support: Aste 

anxiety, mala beads for anxiety, ease anxiety naturally,

Another popular lava stone mala necklace is the Aste. Like the rest, it’ll help ease stress whiling promoting mindfulness, two things essential to treating anxiety naturally. 

3. dispel emotional discomfort: Orletz

anxiety, mala beads for anxiety, ease anxiety naturally,

One of our newest mala beads that definitely deserves to be on this list of the best mala beads for anxiety is the Orletz. By definition, the natural stones used to create these prayer beads are believed to ward off anxiety, specifically.

4. get through panic attacks, depression, exhaustion: Nandi

anxiety, mala beads for anxiety, ease anxiety naturally,

The earthy wood grain mala beads in the Nandi necklace will help you through panic attacks, depression and the exhaustion that follows mental illness.

5. stay calm and cool: Iona 

anxiety, mala beads for anxiety, ease anxiety naturally,

The Iona mala necklace and bracelet beads are perfect for calming an upset state of mind. The first thing that goes out of whack after a panic attack is your emotions. So, having some howlite mala beads in your wardrobe is great for emotional healing.

6. protection and fear alleviation: Acala 

anxiety, mala beads for anxiety, ease anxiety naturally,

A popular favorite for mental health are the Acala mala necklace and Acala mala bracelet. Both the mala necklace and mala bracelet are made with the world’s natural stones believed to bring protection and nurturing to its wearer. And that’s not even the best part. The Acala mala beads also alleviate fear.  

7. strength, courage, and balance: Dirillo

anxiety, mala beads for anxiety, ease anxiety naturally,

Grab some Dirillo prayer beads for strength, courage, and balance. These mala beads are great for helping you face your fears, overcome them, and prevail.

8. balance and protection: Zarana 


For times when you need just a little extra (or a lot extra) protection, wear your Zarana mala beads. These are great, as the agate beads are known for bringing a powerful dose of yin-yang energy.

Break the stigma and practice mindfulness every day with these best mala beads for anxiety. Believe in the power of the earth’s energies and everything else will follow.

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