august horoscope


Venus calls you to direct your energy to your relationships and pay attention to your financial flow. Now is the time to take up new opportunities that sashay your way like trying that new yoga class or switching jobs.


The upcoming solar eclipse calls for a period of reflection. Think about the meaningful conversations you've had recently. This is your time to make progress in your home and family life.


Feeling bottled up with emotion? This will last until the solar eclipse on August 11th. Take this time to tune your impressive listening and processing skills.


This may be a period of uncertainty for you but your work and ability to adjust will help you sort yourself out. Ground yourself by turning your attention to your comfort zone of home and family.


You are going through a cleansing phase – but don't think of it as a chore. Take it as an opportunity to separate with the unnecessary. Think about what aspects of yourself you are ready to part with?


You spend a great deal of time taking care of others – but now it's time to focus on yourself. The sun moves into your sign on the 22nd, you'll feel more in touch with your spiritual side – embrace it.


Kinks in your social circles may be brought to light, but you will be able to overcome this challenge. Your love planet Mars, is still retrograde – keep your romantic activities casual.


If things start to get hectic in your career life – remember what you did during last month's eclipse to help you get through this one. As your health planet is out of bounds, take extra care of your body.


Look out for opportunities to learn something new. When the sun moves into Virgo, use this chance to make career moves and leverage your connections – it's all about who you know! Text


You may finally feel like you have everything figured out but don't kick back. Instead use this opportunity to explore your life goals and examine how you'd like to impact the world.


The solar eclipse will pass through your house of relationships so you may see signs that you need to touch base with your partner. Be patient and express your emotions with compassion. Text


Your money planet Mars, is in retrograde until the 27th so be cautious with money. Don't let it stress you out, instead try to better your budget practices and keep track of your expenses.

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