Crystals for Scorpios

Scorpio season is officially underway with the sun moving into this sign on October 23rd and finishing its stay on November 21st. Scorpios are a water sign know for their deep, mysterious, and intense qualities. Much like the scorpion that represents them, they are powerful and prone to extremes, especially where emotions are concerned. Scorpios are also passionate, determined, loyal, and independent. This sign tends to be quite intuitive, which only adds to their alluring and mysterious charm. There are many crystals that can help to support and balance the qualities that Scorpios are known for, helping these fiery scorpions to come into alignment.

When selecting crystals, it is important to consider which stones will help enhance a positive quality, and which stones will encourage balance in areas that need more support. Some of the best crystals for Scorpios include turquoise, aquamarine, malachite, obsidian, citrine, and sodalite.

Turquoise is a wonderful stone for supporting the throat chakra and balancing the third eye chakra, making it a must-have stone for Scorpios. Scorpios can be prone to overreacting when they are unbalanced, and turquoise can balance and stabilize moods so that Scorpio can clear their mind to communicate effectively. Turquoise also supports Scorpio’s natural intuitive abilities and helps to purify and protect the energy.

Another powerful stone for Scorpios is Aquamarine. The secretive tendencies that most Scorpios possess can cause this sign to be a master at hiding emotions. The gentle and calming energy of the aquamarine stone can help balance emotions that have been brewing under the surface and allow them to be released so that healing can take place. This stone supports a Scorpio’s naturally independent nature as it supports inner strength.

Citrine can also help promote Scorpio’s independent and determined qualities. This stone resonates deeply with the solar plexus chakra and supports feelings of self-worth and personal power. Citrine has an uplifting and happy energy, making it a great tool to balance out that fiery Scorpio energy and dispel anger.

Another must-have stone for Scorpio is malachite. Malachite helps to clear the heart chakra and release the old wounds that Scorpios are notorious for hanging on to. This stone is both protective and transformative. While malachite’s intense energy can be overwhelming for some people, it tends to resonate well with Scorpios as they share a very similar energy.

The calming and centering energies of sodalite can also help keep those overwhelming Scorpio emotions stabilized. Sodalite’s resonance with the throat and third eye chakras make it a wonderful choice for enhancing communication. This stone enables us to have a clear perspective, free of distractions so that we may focus on self-expression.

The final stone on this list is obsidian. This stone resonates deeply with the root chakra and aids the watery Scorpio to feel more grounded and stabilized. Obsidian is a powerful stone for transformation. It works by illuminating the shadows so we may find truth in a situation.  Scorpio’s can use obsidian to protect their energy and to help clear negative energy quickly.

Scorpio season brings about transformation and reveals hidden truths. Using these crystals can help you navigate through this dark and mysterious season. Finding balance is a common theme for Scorpios because of their tendency to go to extremes, flowing through life like the water sign that they are. Wearing or working with some of the crystals on this list can be an amazing way to help find balance and enhance a Scorpio’s strengths, like their intuition, passion, charm, and loyalty so they may thrive.

Author: Meghan Harkins 

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