february horoscope


This month will give you the opportunity to learn as much as you can on the love and money front. Your planetary ruler is going to work with Mercury and enhance your health and work. If you are feeling down- this will make for a great pick me up :)


Venus will enter your house of expansion on the 3rd and bring about opportunities to inspire beauty and charm into your life. Has there been a book you’ve been wanting to read? Take this opportunity to explore and learn more about yourself.


When Mars squares Pluto things might get a little shaken up in your family life. But not to worry, you are a natural communicator. Throw in a little empathy and you’ll get through it. Take the opportunity to delve into a new project for the new moon on the 4th!


February may test you patience at the beginning, but you’ve built an excellent wall to shield you. Take the new moon as an opportunity to exercise your brain and pick up a new hobby! This could be anything from exploring a new field to implementing a new routine.


As your money planet forms a sextile with Mars on the 7th, take the opportunity to explore what you want to achieve financially this year. Your personal planet of love has something fun in store for you on the 11th to the 14th - build some confidence and be spontaneous!


This month is all about relationships for you, Virgo. Your career planet cooperates with Mars on the seventh, giving you opportunity to mix business with pleasure. If there’s someone you’d like to get to know better - take the leap and reach out.


Have you got a new career goal in mind? Are you wanting to explore a new routine? The new moon on the fourth could help you explore the roads you have previously hesitated to take. Mercury, your planet of good fortune will cooperate with Mars on the 7th so if you are single - this would be a good day to find a special someone.


It is important to remain patient as your co-ruling planets Mars and Pluto square each other - creating a clash of energy. But not to worry, when Mars and Uranus conjunct on the 11th, channel these positive energies into yourself and take some time to beautify you space and remove anything that doesn’t bring joy.


Venus, your personal planet of work and health jumps into your house of finances on the third, offering guidance on some decisions that will affect your well being. You’ve got the stars aligned in your favour for Valentines Day so be open to romantic surprises if you’re in a relationship - and if you are single, your charm will do all the talking.


It’s all about family for you this month, Capricorn. At the beginning of the month, if you have issues bottled up - it’s best to keep it to yourself and cope with meditation or a long walk versus communicate when you are not ready. Things are looking up on the 7th, when your personal planet of health and work will bring out the best of each other.


As a result of your action planet squaring with your career planet - this may cause tension so be attentive before making any haste decisions at work. A new moon begins on February 4th and you should take this opportunity to initiate healthier personal habits.


Time to tighten up your social circles Pieces. The moon and sun oppose each other helping to being inequalities to light. This will help you to identify if you're giving too much of yourself up and you can mend this by gracefully guarding your time. Whatever the imbalance it, you'll find it.

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