Hawt Yoga: You Don’t just Sweat, You sparkle

When your practice is heating up you may notice yourself sweating. Your concentration has broken and you instantly move to wipe your sweat. Before you wipe, check this out: 

Truth: Your sweat is a biomechanical system that your body generates to cool you down. 

It is not designed to run your mascara, it is designed to create a moisture barrier on your skin so that as the heat evaporates it, you cool down. 

False: Sweating is an indication that you are out of shape or less active. 

How much you sweat depends on your body’s unique homeostasis and glands, both responsible for the process of thermo-regulation. 

truth: Your sweat is made up of minerals. 

Your sweat is composed of crucial nutrients like Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium and water. Drinking water before a workout is vital to setting up your biomechanical system up for success so that it has enough water to pull from. Don’t forget to replenish those electrolytes lost in your sweat as well. 

False: Wiping sweat off will also cool you down.

When you wipe your sweat you are stripping your skin of this moisture barrier it has worked to create. What this means is your body has to produce more energy, deplete more minerals and pull more water from your body to create the moisture barrier all over again.

Resisting the urge to wipe, fidget or wander takes concentration, determination and of course meditation. “Nobody can take your peace away from you, but you”. The same goes for your sweat, because that is your body sparkling as it whispers “I’ve got you”. 

Steven Kavaratzis @sdkavz

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