How Mala Beads Make for Better Meditation

Oh, the mysterious ways of mala beads. The powerful energy and meaning behind your string of prayer beads is obvious – you can feel it. However, you may still be wondering why and how mala beads help with meditation and we’ve got the scoop for you.



It’s all in your mala bead mantra

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A mantra is a chant you say during your meditation, whether out loud, in your head or even subconsciously. Your mantra is your intention and purpose for meditating with your mala beads – what you want to achieve in that moment. It could be clarity or health, love, strength or whatever you want because there’s a mala necklace and mantra for every intention. You just have to find the right one for you and your meditation. 

Some yogis stick with traditional Sanskrit mantras whereas others modernize their mantra to suit their needs. It’s completely up to you.

Now, what's this have to do with enhancing your meditation? Mala beads help your meditation because not only are you channeling the energy through your mantra, but you’re also channeling it through your mala beads. So, it’s like a two-for-one deal that maximizes the effects of your meditation; you're getting more power from your practice. 

Your mala beads help you focus

Meditation is no easy feat. It takes a lot of time and focus to get into the zone of pure relaxation. Even if you’re a pro, the slightest thing can throw you off your a-game. Mala necklaces are beneficial because they help you maintain the deep focus and concentration you need to enter a different realm and state of mind. As you touch each bead, you can channel your energy and focus on your breathing and mantra, as the physical feeling of each beads leads you through your practice. 

Mala beads keep track of your meditation time

Meditation is just as much about time as it is about focus and this is another way mala beads help with meditation. While you can always use an app or timer, the annoying ringtones and vibrations can throw you off your spiritual journey when they go off or anytime a text message comes in mid-meditation. So, mala necklaces are the next best option – if not the best option altogether.

As you start meditating with your mantra and mala beads, you can determine the amount of time each one takes for you to go through it. This allows you to completely shut down, forbid the electronics, and thoroughly connect on a deeper level simply by using your malas for meditation and perfect timing.  

Only good vibes here

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Prayer necklaces aren’t just stunning piece of jewelry you get to spruce up your yoga apparel with. They’re designed to channel all kinds of positive energies and vibrations. Each type of gemstone used has a different purpose and vibration which will help you on your spiritual journey.

As such, using prayer necklaces during meditation enhances the overall experience. They make you feel (and look) great, while also grounding and connecting you with your inner soul on a different level. 


The best part is that wearing your mala beads help you remember to get your meditation in. They also ensure you can meditate anytime you need - even when in a pinch.  


You simply can’t forget to align your chakras and start meditating when you look down and see your stunning Mala Prayer necklace hanging from your neck. Make sure you can enhance your meditation whenever and wherever you are by keeping your prayer beads on you at all times.

Shop Mala Prayer today and take your journey to entirely new levels.



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