How To Create Your Own Meditation Space


You can’t meditate without a meditation space to call your own. Well, technically you could, just like you could meditate without mala beads but it simply wouldn’t be as amazing as it could – and should - be. At the very least, it’ll be harder to slip into that restorative and relaxing realm which is precisely why you’re meditating to begin with. So, might as well make it as easy as possible which can be done by creating your very own meditation space and here’s how you do just that.


Why is a Meditation Space Important?

Before we get into how to create your own meditation space, it’s important to know why you need one in the first place. For starters, meditating without a meditation space is like riding a bike without handlebars. It can be done, but you’re in for one heck of a challenge.

In order to meditate, you have to calm your mind and body. That’s quite difficult to do when your surroundings are anything but. So, a meditation space will not only make the entire process easier but it also allows you to dip deeper into that restorative level.

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Step One: Pick a Place

The first step to creating your own is to pick a place to call your own. Now, this can seem like a difficult task, especially if all the rooms in your home are currently occupied and used for other purposes. So, you may need to channel some creativity which our Harsa 108 Bead Bracelet will work wonders for.

As a rule of thumb, you want to pick a place that has soothing lighting, preferably natural light, and “clean”, calming and grounding qualities, such as plants, flowers, white walls, etc.

However, something small such as a closet or even in a corner in your bedroom can easily be transformed into your meditation space. You’ll need to bring some items into the space to turn it into your very own oasis, but all-in-all, you don’t need much room to be present in the moment.


Step Two: Unclutter and Clear

Once you have a space to call your own, it’s time to prep it for your meditation practice. As mentioned previously, you want your surroundings to be completely distraction-free. So, removing any clutter is absolutely required. If something doesn’t make you feel mindful, it shouldn’t be in your meditation space.

Now, if you are dedicating a small portion of a room to be used as your own meditation space, you may want to hang some bohemian tapestries to separate the area from the rest of the room. For example, if your meditation space is in a corner in your bedroom, hang tapestries to separate the bedroom ambiance and décor from your new-found zen den.


Step Three: Clean Away the Negative Energy

Now that you have your soon-to-be meditation space free of clutter and distractions, it’s important to give the area a good scrub down. Dust simply doesn’t do well for those deep breaths, and there’s no better way to break your meditative state than with a sneeze. So, wipe down the blinds, scrub the floors, and get in the nook and crannies to clear our any negative energy or possibly disrupting debris.

Consider using some sage to clear the air of anything leftover toxic or negativity. Himalayan salt lamps are also a great way to keep the air fresh, and as a bonus, the yellow glow that comes from them will add a soothing ambiance into the room.


Step Four: Add in the Earth

Adding in some humbling elements from the earth is always a great way to transform “this empty space” into your own meditation space. Doing so will also help to keep the air clean in between your practice. So, head on over to your local garden center and pick up some plants. English Ivy is our personal favourite as the vines will naturally grow along surfaces and it’s a great plant for alleviating symptoms of anxiety.

Aside from the plants, you may want to add in some décor that helps you connect to the earth and nature. Think wood slabs, fresh cut flowers, a zen garden, a small water fountain – whatever floats your boat. Pardon the pun. Just remember to keep your décor minimal and to ensure every piece has a meditative purpose to avoid filling the space with distractions.


Step Five: Play Some Soothing Sounds

If you chose to add a small water fountain into your meditation space, you already have this step covered. However, if you decide that you want to change things up from time-to-time or did not add this feature, you can easily incorporate soothing sounds into your space with nothing more than good ole’ Youtube and a speaker.

This is important to do because meditative music will help you reach that tranquil, peaceful state of mind while also eliminating distractions. We personally prefer to use headphones to truly separate ourselves from our surroundings.


Step Six: Coziness and Comfort

If your meditation space isn’t cozy and comfortable, meditating in it will be a difficult task. When you’re uncomfortable, you’re fidgeting and shifting your butt to try to find a better position. What a way to throw you out of your meditative state, right?

So, make sure you have a plush pillow to sit on. We like to put a tapestry down on the ground and then a pillow on top, just for added style and meditative qualities – and comfort.


Step Seven: Add a Personal Touch

This is supposed to be your meditation space, right? So, make it your own. Add in a personal touch – without adding clutter – to ensure that the area truly feels like yours. Some unique ideas are to add in a bohemian tapestry of your favourite colour, some mala beads that resonate with your intentions, a statue of Buddha or some affirmation stones. The options are endless, you just have to make sure they’re for you.


Lastly, plaster a “Keep Out” sign on the door or wall, and make sure that the rest of the household knows that this new space is your meditation space. No nonsense; no drama; no negativity and no... one else except you. Jokes aside, with these seven steps, you’ll officially have meditation space to restore, rejuvenate, relax and rest your mind, body and spirit in.  

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