How to Use Mala Beads to Handle the Craziness of the Season

‘Tis the season of overcrowded shopping centers, overworked Scrooges and the stress of finding the perfect gifts for your loved one. While there’s no denying that the holiday season certainly has much more joy than negativity, it’s the little things that can sometimes be overbearing. So, to ensure you channel your inner Cindy Lou Who instead of the Grinch, use these mala beads this holiday season.


To Soothe the Craziness of Holiday Shopping

The overly crowded malls are part of the season… And not one that everyone enjoys. In fact, holiday shopping can be absolutely unbearable, especially if you’re not a fan of large crowds and long shopping lines.

Obviously, shopping online, particularly on Mala Prayer ;), is always an excellent alternative. However, if you have to face the flocks of people shopping for the perfect gift ideas, don’t forget to bring these mala beads with you, as they’ll soothe you well throughout the hectic shopping experience.

            Channel strength and calmness with the Thamas 108 mala bracelet as you’re navigate through the crazy crowds that are inevitable this time of year.

            Bring forth calming energies with the Ratnacandra, Maitreya, Sudhana and Jayamati again, to help you deal with the long lines and busy times. 


Creating the Perfect Gifts

You don’t need money to give your loved ones the perfect gifts this holiday season. Instead, all you need is a bit of creativity and these mala beads can help bring out your inner Picasso out. So, whether you’re making some handmade Christmas cards or putting together a holiday gift basket, here are some beads to get you started:

            Inspire creative visualization with the Kali mala beads and come up with the perfect DIY gift ideas.

            Heighten your creativity and self-expression with the Harsha mala bracelet. Need I say more?

            Awaken your hidden talent with the Dirillo mala beads. Maybe you’ll find a new hobby or even a new career path that you can put forth in the new year!  


Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, Grief and Depression

The holiday season isn’t a happy one for everyone. In fact, it can be a really difficult time of year. Everyone is in love, walking the snow-filled city streets hand-in-hand as they check out the Christmas lights and for everyone else, it can totally suck.

You’re missing your loved ones who have passed, you’re feeling lonely even though you have tons of friends and then add in the cold air and dark days, and the joy of the holiday season can quickly become dreadful. You aren’t alone!

Fortunately, you can use mala beads to eliminate anxiety and emotional discomfort.

            Increase well-being for your body and eliminate panic attacks and depression with the Nandi mala beads. These will come in handy throughout the winter season, for obvious reasons.

            Eliminate the stress of the season with the Shreya mala beads. They’ll help you enjoy the holiday season, regardless of how stressful it may be.

            Calm the overactive mind with the Acala mala beads. These will help you stop thinking about all the lonely, sad, dark and depressed thoughts that can come with the holiday season and with winter in general.  The Prasada pendant necklace is also great for calming an overactive mind.

            Release fear and anxiety with the Padma prayer beads. This can be an excellent option if you’re nervous about the work Christmas party coming up or are simply anxious about the entire season as it is.


Release Tension, Emotional Discomfort and Fear Associated with the Season

With the prior mentioned, the holiday season isn’t always filled with cups of hot chocolate, candy canes and Christmas lights. It can come with a lot of emotional discomfort and uncertainty. So, use these mala beads to get you through the tough times that can come with the holidays.

            Use the Czars mala beads to help yourself achieve emotional stability.  So, when you’re eating a tub of ice cream, crying, watching Jonathon Taylor Thompson in “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” grab your mala beads and get it together, girl!

            If the holiday season is just full of really bad memories, the next couple of weeks can seem unbearable. Well, that is, unless you have the Nila mala beads. These are designed to provide deeper healing. So, if you had a bad breakup last Christmas, are suffering from the loss of a loved one or simply can’t seem to come out of the winter blues, meditate or style your outfit with these beads.

            For the days when you’re just upset, even if there’s no rhyme or reason, use the Iona mala beads. These are designed to calm an upset mind and upset emotions.


Don’t let the holiday season and winter blues get you down. It truly is a beautiful time of year if you’re able to channel your inner zen and find peace. Easier said than done, right? You’re absolutely correct but with the right mala beads, meditation and mindset, you can start to heal from the inside out. Everyone deserves to be happy and enjoy the season – yes, even you – so don’t let negativity hinder you. Choose happiness and mindfulness; make the decision that this year, you aren’t going to let the winter blues, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, loneliness – whatever – take over the joy and spirit of the season.


Mala Prayer is here to help. We offer a wide range of prayer beads, mini mala beads, mala necklaces and even mala bracelets that’ll help you channel the energies that’ll help you overcome the season. Whether it’s the stress of shopping or a deeper emotional discomfort, you can heal. But it starts with you. You just have to make the choice.



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