How to Use Mindfulness to Get Through Tough Situations

Oh, bad days! We all have them, especially with the year being ripe with winter weather and all the winter blues that follow.  However, even in the midst of summer, you can use mindfulness to help you get through all types of tough situations. Perhaps it’s dealing with a bad breakup, a loss of a loved one, a bad roommate that keeps you up at all hours of the night or maybe you’re just simply having a bad day. Here are some ways to use mindfulness to get through the day without feeling like you’re about to explode into tears or anger.

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Manage Overwhelming Feelings

One of the most prominent things associated with a bad day or tough situation is feeling overwhelming emotions. Whether it’s anger, sadness, grief, depression, anxiety or stress, you can use mindfulness to keep these emotions in check and at bay.

During these times of overwhelming emotions, take a couple of minutes to let yourself feel exactly what you’re feeling. Write down what you are thinking and any sensations you’re experiencing in your body, such as tension in your shoulders, and let it be. Then, take a moment to wash your body, mind and spirit of those negative emotions and feelings. Use your mala beads if you have them (and you definitely should since they make every wardrobe look fabulous), breathe and with every exhale, let go of the bad energy. Visualize the overwhelming emotions and negative sensations in your body escaping every time you breathe out and don’t forget to let out a big sigh if you want – it’ll feel great!

Whatever you do, the key is to recognize what you’re feeling, let it be and then let it go. As you’re about to find out, the “letting it go” part is most important part.


Stay Away From Extra Negativity

When going through tough situations or having a bad day, it’s important to make a conscious effort to stay away from any extra negativity. And no, we aren’t talking about skipping your next lecture because your prof is going to make your mood worse.

Instead, we’re talking about avoiding the news for the day, as it’s always filled with negative stories instead of inspiring, happy ones. Avoid social media if you can because as you already know, social media can be the opposite of mindfulness. And if there are people in your life who have a toxic aura, reschedule your date with them.

When you’re having a tough day, you don’t need the extra negativity. So, be mindful of what you subject yourself to during this time.


Take a Moment For Yourself

It can be incredibly difficult to use mindfulness to navigate through tough situations when you aren’t in a situation that allows for mindfulness. So, take a moment to yourself. Turn off your phone, find a quiet space, and be present in the moment for a couple of minutes. Maybe it’s a drive to your favourite café to get the latte you’ve been craving or participating in an extra yoga class that day, or maybe it’s simply hiding in your dorm room closet because you just need to be away with yourself for a little while. Whatever it is, take that time.  Breathe, meditate, look at your beautiful malas – whatever you want to do – and just be present.

This is an excellent time to resort back to the first tip, letting yourself feel whatever emotions you’re feeling.


Soothe Yourself

Soothing yourself might feel kind of weird at first but once you see how it makes you feel as you navigate through the rest of the day, you’ll be happy you took the time to practice self-compassion. This mindful tip is as simple as trailing your fingers up and down your forearm, hugging yourself or rubbing your own back (kudos to you if you can do this – you’ve been doing your daily yoga!), and reminding yourself that you’re going through a tough time and you’re doing the best you can. Be kind to yourself and say the things you would say your best friend if they were going through the exact situation.

Often times, you can be your own best friend in times of need and as a bonus, you don’t have to worry about someone voicing their opinion or saying the wrong thing during this difficult time.


Meditate with Mala Beads

You knew this one was coming! Meditation is a powerful way to channel the kind of mindfulness that’s going to get you through this tough time. It allows you to train, soothe and release your emotions, thoughts and negative energy, so you can get back to feeling like yourself again.

So, grab a mala bead necklace that is designed specifically to help you let go of those negative feelings. Some of our favourite mala beads to use in tough situations are:

Mala Beads for Balance and Inner Peace

  • Mihira balances your yin-yang energies
  • Brahma pendent necklace provides emotional, physical and intellectual balance
  • Guna mala beads blend of calmness, balance and positivity
  • Zusma keeps you present and grounded in the moment

Mala Beads for Calming and Soothing Properties

  • Thamas 108 mala bracelet provides strength and calmness
  • Candra provides soothing and healing properties
  • Prasada pendant mala necklace brings calmness and relaxation
  • Sudhana promotes calming energies
  • Nityodyukta encourages calming energies


The most important thing to do when going through tough times or when having a bad day is to let yourself feel what you’re feeling but then, let it go. And we repeat – let it go. Mindfulness isn’t just about recognizing what emotions you’re feeling, thoughts you’re having and sensations you’re experiencing. It’s about being present and compassionate with what you’re going through and then taking the proper steps – and breaths – to let it go, so you can move on you’re a more mindful day.

So, don’t get hung up on the negativity. You’re allowed to have bad days and you’re going to go through difficult situations. More importantly, you’re allowed to let go of those feelings and make the mindful changes needed to move on.



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