january horoscope


The solar eclipse on January 5th calls for career changes for you this month. It will help to define how you will be succeeding throughout 2019. On January 21st there will be a lunary eclipse, making your home and family life prominent and giving you opportunity to adjust within your personal life.


The sun - ruler of your home and family life will be moving on your house Taurus, creating some impactful changes within that sphere. As the eclipse approaches, keep in mind that it's meant to reveal flaws that need to be fixed - use this to your advantage.


Time to get ahead of the game, Gemini. This eclipse will help to bring your finances into the light. Rip your taxes and out standing debt off like a band aid to allow a free flow into the new year. On the 7th, Venus moves into your house of love - if you're single this could open up a world of romantic opportunities.


The upcoming eclipse will happen in your house of relationships - but not to worry, this coincides with the moon so you may be taking your connections to the next level. The new year puts you in the mood to pick up healthy habits - but don't commit to something right away. Try out a few things first to see what you like best and stick to it throughout the year.


Time to establish some new routines Leo! The eclipse coincides with the moon and opens up opportunities to help you create healthy habits physically and mentally. Trust that you can make a happier life for yourself. The sun moves into your house of love on the 20th, so you'll get a little spark in your step!


Ready for new beginnings? The new moon will spark creativity in your work life - take your inspiration and run with it. The Sun moves into your sixth house of health on the 20th, bringing light to new routines and wellness practices. If you're in a relationship, you might bump heads with your partner on the 13th when Neptune and Jupiter form their first square of the year.


You are a natural peacemaker and as the solar eclipse occurs in your family house, you may have to help overcome some obstacles there - just remember there's nothing you can't overcome together. If you've been considering making a change to your career - you could find clarity on how be more efficient in this process


Venus inhibits your house of love at the beginnings of the month, having you prance into 2019 with heart eyes. Neptune and Jupiter square on the 13th - this may have others make promises they can't keep. Use your judgement and keep flowing forward. The moon diminishes in your sign from the 27-28th - take this opportunity to spend a weekend away to reflect and be kind to yourself.


The upcoming eclipse will occur in your second house of finances - this new moon will reveal changes that need to be made to improve your finances in the long run. On the 7th, Venus enters your house of work and health - use this to elevate your energy!


Ready for change? This solar eclipse will attempt to reveal change in yourself that you can no longer ignore. Devote time to getting to know what you want to become in 2019. As Neptune and Jupiter square, listen to your inspiration instead of speaking.


The upcoming solar eclipse will occur in your house of spirituality and relationships - bringing light to realizations that you may have about your partner or yourself. While the sun is responsible for your personal life and love while the moon is responsible for health and work - as they oppose each other, make the necessary changes to make your life flow with gratitude.


Time to tighten up your social circles Pieces. The moon and sun oppose each other helping to being inequalities to light. This will help you to identify if you're giving too much of yourself up and you can mend this by gracefully guarding your time. Whatever the imbalance it, you'll find it.

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