Mala Meanings: Which Mala Beads are Best For Your Situation?

zMalas beads, oh my! Everywhere you look, mala beads are taking over people’s wardrobes – and it’s about time. What is this fashion trend I’m missing out on all about, you ask? Allow us to solve the mystery.

Mala beads are a string of beads, typically 108 beads, that are used to help the mind focus on meditating. Of course, they’re all used to make your yoga style and bohemian outfit turnt up! 

Now that we have you hooked – and you should be – it’s time to pick the perfect set of mala beads for you. But where does a girl start? We have you covered. Here is your 101-crash course to mala beads and their mala meanings.


Don't forget to think outside the categories. Many of the mala beads can be used for different situations. For example, strengthening prayer beads can be great for navigating through difficult times and mala beads that eliminate emotional discomfort can also be great for balance. 

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Mala Meanings

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Balance and Inner Peace

  • Mihira balances your yin-yang energies
  • Dhumura mala beads balances your ying-yang energy
  • Brahma pendent necklace provides emotional, physical and intellectual balance
  • Guna mala beads blend of calmness, balance and positivity
  • Siddhi mala beads stabilize and ground the root chakra
  • Zusma keeps you present and grounded in the moment

Calming and Soothing Properties

  • Thamas 108 mala bracelet provides strength and calmness
  • Candra provides soothing and healing properties
  • Ratnacandra promotes calming energies
  • Maitreya encourages calming energies
  • Prasada pendant mala necklace brings calmness and relaxation
  • Sudhana promotes calming energies
  • Nityodyukta encourages calming energies
  • Tara encourages calming energies
  • Jayamati encourages calming energies
  • Abhretri promotes calming energies
  • Naradatta promotes calming energies
  • Ajita promotes calming energies
  • Guanyin promotes calming energies
  • Uttaramati encourages calming energies
  • Pramud 108 bracelet provides a calming mind for meditation
  • Shakthi channels calming energies
  • Talha prayer beads calm the emotions
  • Vina mala bracelet provides clarity for the mind and peace for the body
  • Purnima mala beads provide clarity of mind and body


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Conscience,Telepathy and Psychic Properties

  • Nain enhances clairvoyance, coincidence control and telepathic capabilities
  • Sankalpa mala bracelet connects mind to the universe
  • Jana mala necklace promotes spiritual and physic wholeness and development
  • Nikita mala braceket increases levels of consciousness
  • Shanta mala beads helps you accept past and future lives
  • Riya mala beads connect you to your own spirit

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  • Kali beads inspire creative visualization
  • Harsa mala bracelet heightens your creativity and self-expression
  • Dirillo awakens your hidden talent
  • Kamya 108 bracelet awakens your talent

Eliminating Anxiety & Emotional Discomfort

  • Nandi increases well-being for your body and solace for spirit to eliminate panic attacks and depression
  • Shreya mala beads eliminate stress
  • Acala provides comfort and alleviates fear
  • Aksha pendant mala calms the overactive mind and helps with sleep
  • Padma prayer beads releases fear and anxiety
  • Prasada pendant mala necklace calms an overly active mind 

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Emotional Stability

  • Czars beads help with emotional stability
  • Nila mala beads provide deeper healing
  • Prasana prayer beads calm your emotions
  • Iona calms an upset mind and emotions
  • Sathya increases mind activity to help master your own thoughts


  • Ohm mala beads provide guidance to stay on the right path


  • Kampa beads provide positive and cheerful energies
  • Miass beads dispels negative energy and guides you to positivity
  • Samba mala bracelet provides protection against negative energies
  • Asava prayer beads bring joy

Help with Challenging Situations

  • Baiyu eliminates distractions and pulls in constructive information
  • Surenya mala beads provide encouragement and support
  • Minoli mala beads inspire new beginnings
  • Nila mala beads provide deeper healing
  • Chandra mala beads provide insight into personal difficulties
  • Orletz mala beads keep you centered in challenging situations
  • Gita mala beads encourage a fresh start
  • Dhana 108 bracelet provides hope


  • Aswana mala beads bring physical and intellectual balance
  • Pakva mala beads improves mental functions


  • Anantha mala bracelet enhances your intuition and intellect
  • Namana mala beads increase your consciousness and links into the awareness of oneself


  • Czars beads stimulate unconditional love
  • Ratavat channels love and attraction
  • Prema 108 bracelet attracts love
  • Tanaya prayer beads channels successful love


  • Khorasan beads channel luck, success and creativity 

Humble, Stay Grounded

  • Inyo beads offers a natural balance of grounding energies
  • Kamya 108 bracelet increase perception
  • Shakthi 108 bracelet brings harmony
  • Sita pendant mala promote joy and substance
  • Nilay prayer beads promote happiness and harmony in family and work
  • Mukta mala beads promote stabilization and grounding
  • Manisha mala beads encourage strong connection to earth
  • Cati prayer beads strength your body's connection with earth


  • Zarana beads provide protective and calming properties
  • Ahimsa provides many protective properties
  • Samarth mala beads create safety and security in oneself
  • Chitra mala beads provide protection from harmful entities
  • Manas mala bracelet aids in strength and protection

Strength & Clarity

The following prayer beads are designed with specific stones that are often used within crystal healing. They’re believed to emit certain energies that’ll channel your inner strength while also giving you an unrestricted look at life.  

  • Volcanic Lava Stone increases physical and mental strength
  • Dirillo positively impacts your strength and courage
  • Malinya provides courage and stability
  • Pramud 108 bracelet encourages clarity
  • Lavanya mala bracelet restores a clean vision


  • Swaathi mala beads encourage self-empowerment
  • Nilani mala bracelet provides clear path to what you want in life
  • Kosha pendent mala necklace promotes leadership and good decision-making
  • Anjali mala beads promotes prosperity and good friendships
  • Vada mala bracelet encourages growth and wealth


  • Aste beads ease stress and increase mindfulness
  • Atri aids self-expression
  • Leela encourages change in ones energy
  • Catura enhances integrity, willpower and self-confidence
  • Reneya 108 mala bracelet encourages you to discover yourself
  • Karuna pendent mala beads provide inner peace
  • Kama prayer beads provide healing for human organic system
  • Uma mala beads recharge the mind and body
  • Darsha mala beads encourage self-acceptance


All your spiritual, mindfulness and yoga needs taken care of with mala beads. Shop Mala Prayer today to start channeling the right energies for your situation. 

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