march horoscope


Get ready to dream big this month, Aries. It's okay to take a step back from reality and let your imagination do its thing. You may get frustrated over the cost of things, but you'll learn to focus in on how to get what you want.


Time for a reality check, Taurus. This month is all about identifying your goals, executing them and taking that to the next level by challenging yourself. You may feel the need to give yourself some extra self love at the end of the month - be sure not to hold back.


With the new moon on the 6th happening in your career house, stay strong when it comes to conflict that happen in your work life. You'll have opportunity to kick back and hang out when the sun moves into Aries on the 20th.


You may feel a serious craving for the perfect life this month, Cancer - but don't get too comfortable just yet. When Mercury goes into retrograde on the 5th, you'll be motivated to expand your knowledge and improve your work life.


Be prepared for little positive surprises this month, Leo. Maybe you'll score a deal shopping or will be gifted a little something from someone special. Mars the planet of action is in your house of career - so get ready to focus your time and energy on work.


Ready for some new changes to your daily routine, Virgo? Time to hit up some new coffee shops or take a new class at the gym. The new moon on the 6th will help you reflect on your accomplishments so far and what you still have left to achieve this year.


Hey Libra - it's time to indulge in your creative side. Explore music, drawing or even baking. The new moon on the 6th is a good time for you to sit back and focus in on a healthy routine - make sure you get enough sleep, eat right and take good care of yourself.


You've got a busy month ahead but very productive - you'll find yourself checking off things on your list. Venus is in your home sector - so feel free to splurge on a little home decor that really brings a personal touch to your space.


You are so ready for change and the new moon on the 6th leaves you wanting a new beginning and fresh start. This could as simple as starting a new workout routine or significant like moving to a new town. Remember to focus in on yourself and listen to both your wants and needs.


Friends mean the world to you - but with relationships come effort. This month, you'll find the urge to put the effort in and see it all blossom. Make time to enjoy what matters and don't hesitate to indulge yourself a little here and there.


You've got an incredible skill set - but are you really using them to the best of your ability? The new moon on the 6th will help you identify what you're naturally good at and help to elevate them in your career life.


It's your season Pisces, and it's time for a new you. . You'll suddenly feel the urge to be direct with people - and when the sun goes into Aries on the 20th you'll start tho develop the talents that you already have.

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