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In a world that’s so busy where there’s always something going on, it can be hard to stay focused. When you’re overwhelmed with all that’s happening, you find yourself drifting further from staying present in the moment. When it comes to the value of mindfulness, you want to consider what benefits the practice brings into your life.


Importance of Mindfulness

To be mindful is to be aware. When we’re mindful, we’re conscious of our surroundings and essentially living in the present as we make observations. But why is it so important?


With the daily challenges we face in our every day lives, you’ll notice that there are times where you find yourself struggling on how to cope with these feelings, but you aren’t alone. With mental health issues in society on the rise, it’s important to find a method that helps you put your mind at ease during stressful times. Many are turning towards mindfulness, which has produced positive results such as improved concentration, stress management, efficient communication, and overall a boost in your general health.


Whether it’s at your workplace or your personal life, the practice of mindfulness applies to any environment. Practicing mindfulness regularly will provide you a number of benefits for your body, both mental and physical. Common benefits you’ll find as you practice mindfulness is stress reduction, enhanced memory, better sleep, lower levels of anxiety and depression, pain management, and an open mind towards criticism and feedback.


What Mindfulness Means to Us                             


Aside from the general meaning of being present, mindfulness can come with a variety of different meanings to others. A big part of mindfulness is the concept of acceptance without judgment; in any given moment, there shouldn’t be a “right” or “wrong” feeling, and we should keep our thoughts in the moment rather than straying away back to the past or thinking what would happen in the future. The less you worry about what others are doing and focus on yourself in the moment, the strong feelings of fulfillment and wholeness you’ll have within yourself.



Featured Stones

For our Mindful Collection, we’ve carefully selected gemstones that will aid you in your journey towards mindfulness.



Known for bringing clarity, Quartz provides focus and enhances your manifestation power. Clear and translucent, this stone amplifies your energy vibrations and accelerates any healing process you’re going through.


Rose Quartz

A stone for the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz opens your heart up to unconditional love and compassion. A strong stone known for its healing properties, Rose Quartz creates connections with loved ones as well as inspiring the love of beauty within oneself.


Black Obsidian

A stone that serves as a protector, Black Obsidian cleanses any negative energy from your aura and is a strong psychic stone that shields you from past mistakes and thoughts. It’s dark, mirror finish is a form of self-reflection that shows inner truth.


Black Tourmaline

Effective in keeping negativity away, Black Tourmaline is a bodyguard stone that has been used for safety and protection since ancient times. It is also a strong grounding stone that keeps you connected with nature and promotes a sense of self-confidence when needed.



A vibrant stone that boosts creativity, Carnelian drives passion and promotes confidence through expression. The warm colour of the stone provides a rush of joy and courage that inspires the user to become more bold.



A legendary good luck charm, Aventurine manifests prosperity and wealth with its winning energy. Providing opportunities for those who wear it, the stone brings a zest for life and enhances one’s chance in any given situation.



Known for its beauty and soothing properties, Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones that exist as it provides purification and intuition. A precious stone, it carries the energy of passion and calmness that clears away any negativity with stress.


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