New Prayer Beads to Get Excited About for Summer

Leave it up to Mala Prayer to never let you down. We’re constantly created new styles of mala beads for you to use as a fashion statement and within your meditation and yoga practice, and this week is no different. Our latest addition includes some absolutely stunning prayer beads along with brand spanking new mala bead bracelets to pair with your favorite mala necklaces. It’s time to get excited – and to get shopping on the MalaPrayer.


The Perfect Pair of Czar Mala Beads

Mala beads, mala necklace, prayer beads, yoga, meditation

Our Czar prayer beads are inarguably one of the most popular. They’re chic, feminine, flirty, and sophisticated. So, as you can imagine, it’s the perfect piece to transform any look, whether in the yoga studio, at the office, or strutting down the street. The good news? We've recently added a matching Czar mala bead bracelet to complete your yoga practice and fashion even more!


The Acala Mala Necklace Now has an Accent Bracelet

Mala beads, mala necklace, prayer beads, yoga, meditation

Just like the Czar, the Acala mala necklace is extremely popular. It’s unlike all the other prayer beads, as it has a more rustic, bohemian, earthy vibe – courtesy of the white fossil, of course. So, we decided to make an accent Acala mala bead bracelet. Now, you can complete your wardrobe with fashion that brings an ample of comfort while also alleviating your fears.


Bold and Brand New Ahimsa Mala Necklace

Mala beads, mala necklace, prayer beads, yoga, meditation 

The Ahimsa mala necklace has taken off since we added it to our Mala Prayer collection. It has a combination of agate and natural white quartz, making is the perfect piece for protection. The style is a stunning monochromatic that the fashion trends have been loving for several seasons now. And that accent of gold? Whew! It’s stunning.


The New Candra Mala Bead Combo

Mala beads, mala necklace, prayer beads, yoga, meditation

Another wildly popular mala bead necklace is the Candra mala necklace. The mixture of stone and turquoise makes this powerful piece of fashion a trendy one. So, it only made sense to make your wardrobe even trendier by offering a Candra combo!

So, we added a new, handmade Candra mala bracelet so you can blend in the flawlessly blend the brown serpeggiante stone and turquoise into your fashion.


Damn, Dhumra! Mala Necklace and Mala Bracelet

Mala beads, mala necklace, prayer beads, yoga, meditation

We also added some new mala necklaces along with matching mala bracelets, so you don’t have to wait for a pair to come out. You can get both of them right away. The Dhumra mala beads will make you say, “Damnnnn, Dhumra!”. Made with different agate mala beads, both the mala necklace and mala bracelet bring balance into your life, meditation, and wardrobe!


Stunning Mixture of the Miass Mala Beads

Mala beads, mala necklace, prayer beads, yoga, meditation

If there’s one set of mala beads perfect for the spring and summer seasons, it’s the Miass! We added both the mala necklace and mala bracelet into our collection, and they definitely must have pieces. Both prayer beads are chic and flirty, fun and feminine, and can transform both yoga ensembles and summer dresses into a fashion statement. The Miass malas also eliminate negative energy, which will certainly help you shed any remaining winter blues.


And that only skims the surface! Head on over to Mala Prayer to view the new additions of prayer beads because you’ll definitely want to wrap them around your neck and wrist. How’s that for fashion that heals the soul?


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