posture and stone of the month: august

August is not just known for its sunshine and back to school shopping, which I admittedly still do even years after my undergrad concluded. 

Peridot is August’s stone, and is one of the few stones that only come in one colour. Some believe it to have been a gift from Mother Earth, hence its bright green hue. Peridot is known for its healing properties and many even consider it to be the dream-catcher of the stone family, warding off bad dreams. 

Rabbit is August’s yoga posture to match. Rabbit is a grounding posture that focuses on elongating the vertebrates, inverting the blood flow to the brain and revitalizing the thyroid and pituitary gland. The thyroid and pituitary gland are responsible for hormone-regulating your metabolism, immune system and sleep-wake cycle. 

Queuing it at home: Kneeling down, feet flat on the floor, grab your feet from behind you. The grip is thumbs outside fingers inside. Pull your heels and tuck your chin to your chest, exhaling as you round down. Eventually, as you improve the flexibility of your spine, you will be able to touch your forehead to your knees and rest the top of your head flat on the floor.

When ready, gradually lift your hips off your heels, toward the ceiling, rolling forward. Hold tight onto your heels to alleviate weight from your head and lift your shoulders to alleviate weight from the neck. 

Protip: If your head does not touch your knees you can always walk your knees forward, one at a time, without moving your head off the floor. 


Come out the same way you went in. 

Good dreams ahead as you grab your Peridot, your yoga mat and rest into your Rabbit pose this august. As those long summer days wind down, good sleep and great dreams are vital.

Steven Kavaratzis @sdkavz
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