Posture and Stone of the Month - October 2019

October’s Opal changes colours, like the Autumn leaves, as it glimmers in the sunlight. Whether in ancient amulets or majestic crowns, Opal has been sought after for it’s luxurious glimmer. Tracing back to ancient Roman and Greek civilizations, the stone was believed to possess an internal flame or energy as it’s colours flicker like a branch ablaze. 

Opal is formed through a chemical reaction, producing an initially colourless, opaque stone. As the stone is exposed to stress or conditions, it’s colour may vary depending on the geographical location or elements. 

Much like a flame, Opal is known as the stone of love and emotion. 

The posture to match for this month is Triangle, a posture that targets and strengthens the limbs, while it twists and realigns the skeletal system. 

Cue it on the right: Step your feet apart four feet with your heels in one line. Turn your right foot to the right so that your heels stay in one line, but feet create a 90 degree angle. Bend

Steven Kavaratzis @sdkavz

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