Posture and Stone of the Month - September 2019

September celebrates Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Sapphires and Lapis Lazuli. 

Mesopotamia celebrated it’s gods and Goddesses by dressing them in Lapis. In Ancient Egypt, Pharaohs carved emblems of Lapis to resemble their gods and filled their tombs with such depictions for protection and honor. And, during the Renaissance, painters covered the skies of Holy Ceilings with the stone ground into their paint. 

Lapis embodies truth, awareness and confidence. Many throughout history and today look to Lapis for enhancement and power. 

Our posture that is equally as powerful is Dancer, also commonly known as Standing Bow Pulling Pose. In Sanskrit, Dandayamana Dhanurasana translates to Stick Bow Pose. The lower and front half of the body represents the stick, while the upper and back part of the body represent the Bow. The stick is responsible for the stretching and charging forward. The fuel. The kick is in charge of the twist, depth and balance. The two forces are equal, but in opposite directions. This posture creates a compression and twist in the spine, whilst stretching and strengthening the limbs. 

Queuing it Right-Side: 

Standing tall pick up your right foot with your right hand. Grab the inside of your foot at your ankle by lifting the right foot and squeezing your knees together. If this is inaccessible, grab the outside and slowly work your way to the inside of the foot. Stretch your left arm to the ceiling, take a deep breath and charge forward as you kick back and up. 

Recommended time to hold: 30 - 60 seconds, repeating on each side. 


Protip: Keep your right foot on the right side of your head to ensure the ribcage stays square to the hips and shoulders. The foot should stack directly over the knee and thigh as you kick back, almost like you are swiping your knees in one line even after they’ve separated. Same applies to the left. 

Grab that Lapis and Dancer your way onto your mat. You are royalty and your riches are entrusted in your truth. 


Steven Kavaratzis @sdkavz

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