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Inspired by crystal healing and aromatherapy, ritual kits are a great way to welcome positive energy into your space. For those who are just getting started with ritual kits, here’s everything you need to know about them!


Why Are Rituals Important?

Some say that it takes 23 days or more to form a new habit. Rituals can inspire a comfort and consistency in yourself that can carry you throughout your day and your life. Why not? Rituals can help you feel recharged and channel positive energy into your space through its transformative process.


Prepare your environment

Declutter, clear, and make space for you to start forming your rituals. It's a great feeling to wake up or set time for yourself alone in a comfortable part of your home, and practice your ritual. In order to become fully immersed and feel the full impact of channelling energies, your surroundings should be prepped so that there aren’t any distractions.


Get your mind in the right headspace

With so much going on sometimes, it can be hard to stay focused. Eliminate distractions around you that prevent you from staying on track. If you need peace and quiet to focus on work, turn off the TV and shut your phone off. Rather than multitasking, focus on one thing at a time so that you don’t overwhelm and confuse yourself.


Identify which elements you need

Ritual kits often feature all-natural products that allow you to tap into nature and connect it to you spiritually through ceremony. Typically, ritual kits include natural and handmade products such as dried flowers (eg. lavender, rose, sage, rosemary), essential oils, crystals, candles, and a guide. Depending on the type of ritual kit and what type of energy it’s made for, the contents within each ritual kit varies. For example, if your intention is to bring in energy of love and compassion, consider incorporating an item like Rose Quartz into your ritual, which has healing properties known for drawing in unconditional love. On the other hand if you’re trying to achieve a state of calmness, incorporate items like Amethyst and Lavender oil into your ritual.


Practice makes perfect (do it consistently)

Incorporating rituals into your daily life will provide you with improved benefits and results over time. Once you’ve adopted the practice into a routine, you’ll start to see the positive effects it has on your mind and body the more you do it!


Share with others

You don’t have to practice rituals alone; share it with your friends and family! As rituals are a form of language, use it to connect with your loved ones to share common values and mutual support. Rituals make an impact on each participant, so share those effects with each other to strengthen bonds and understanding amongst one another. 


Our Ritual Kits

We created new rituals for love, energy, calm, and wellness, made with all-natural gemstones and other beautiful necessities. Explore our new ritual kit collection!

- team mala prayer

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