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How to Practice Guided Meditation

To some, meditation may be nothing more than a stress-reliever. To you, guided meditation is a chance to escape reali...

5 Guided Meditations Available On Youtube

Oh, the wonderful things you can find on Youtube; guided meditations are certainly one of them. But, as you likely al...

How To Create Your Own Meditation Space

  You can’t meditate without a meditation space to call your own. Well, technically you could, just like you could m...

How to Use Mindfulness to Get Through Tough Situations

Oh, bad days! We all have them, especially with the year being ripe with winter weather and all the winter blues that...

10 Powerful Meditation Tips That'll Help To Dive Into That Deep Realm of Relaxation

Whoever said knowledge is power clearly didn’t meditate. Meditation is, inarguably, one of the most powerful things y...
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