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a collection for all, with the men in mind.

When we launched in 2015, we wanted to design pieces that would offer mindfulness and a way to meditate without apps,...

10 Mantras to Embrace a Fresh Start

You don’t need a new year or even the beginning of a week to reap the benefits of a fresh start, you just need some m...

5 Earthy Mala Beads for the Bohemian Soul

The trends are here and it’s all about boho chic styles this summer. This fashion trend is more than just adding a st...

5 Mala Beads That’ll Actually Help You Find Love

Love isn’t in the air; love is in mala beads. Each mala bracelet and mala necklace has a unique intention – something...

5 Oddly Satisfying Mala Beads Everyone Should Have in their Wardrobe

If you aren’t already obsessed with mala beads, it’s time to jump on this fashion trend. The beauty and power of mala...
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