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The Science Behind Meditation

Not convinced meditation can help you? Here are some interesting – and scientific facts about meditation and how it ...

Yoga 101

Learn all the ways to integrate the practice of yoga in your life, from Mikaela Millington. If you maintain a consist...

a new calm

a new calm by mala prayer, is a space we've created to share ideas and inspiration for your wellness.

10 Mantras to Embrace a Fresh Start

You don’t need a new year or even the beginning of a week to reap the benefits of a fresh start, you just need some m...

Changing Lives: The Mala of the Month Program

We believe in the power of affecting change. Each month, Mala Prayer supports an initiative that contributes to the g...

7 Mala Beads That Emit The Ambiance of the Holiday Spirit

Whether you’re a holiday junkie, a self-proclaimed elf from the North Pole or simply love the colours of the season, ...

101 Crash Course on Spiritual Non-Verbal Communication

Sometimes, the most powerful messages are the ones that are the quietest. Instead of using your words to speak, you’r...

7 Cryptic Messages Found Within 108 Mala Beads

Mala beads, mala beads, they’re everywhere! From fashionistas to yogis, everyone is donning some stunning mala bead n...

What You Need to Know About Mala Beads and Fashion

  Let’s get into the topic of what you need to know about mala beads and fashion! If you haven’t read the previous ar...

The Mala Beads Etiquette You Need to Know

Like many topics on the Internet, there is an abundance of contradicting information about mala necklaces. So, you’ve...
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