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Top 6 Pendants To Add Into Your Life for Endless Love and Mindfulness

  It’s time for some endless love! Our new collection of mindful jewelry definitely deserves your attention because i...

9 Powerful Mantras to Master in the New Year

Just because we’re already halfway through January doesn’t mean that you can’t add new mantras and resolutions into y...

What is a Sanskrit and How Do I Use One?

If you’ve recently checked out our Instagram, you’ve likely stumbled across our new stunning, boho chic Sanskrit neck...

9 Ways to Eliminate Negative Energy in the New Year

9 Ways To Live a Happier Life in 2018   Start Meditating The first step to eliminating negative energy from your lif...

4 Surprising Life Changes That Occur After You Start Meditating

Meditation isn’t just for your mind. While the process of slipping deep into mindfulness in an effort to align your c...
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