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The Importance of Breath

It’s known that the human body can go a few days without food or water, but when it comes to breathing, the most you can go without it is a few minutes. Breathing is the root of the way we function, and when our brain is starved from oxygen, we can’t function without breathing. While breathing keeps us going physically, it can also provide many benefits mentally and emotionally.


You’ve probably been told to “Keep breathing” or “Focus on your breathing” during stressful situations, and this is because breathing can have a huge effect on how you react and handle situations. When you might feel uncomfortable, focusing on your breathing can help ease the tension and reduce stress levels. As you become more aware of your breathing, you put yourself in a calmer state where it makes it easier for you to process thoughts and function. Lack of inhaling air can cause detrimental effects on your body, including shortness of breath, sleep apnea, breathing through the mouth, and more.


While breathing is an automatic function, having control of how you intake the air is essential. As air is the essence of life, each breath you take has value to it. To produce energy and function properly, inhale and exhale accordingly so that oxygen is circulated through your body. As you observe and become more aware of how you breathe, you’ll have more control which allows you to feel more relaxed and connected, which is better for your overall health.


Pranayama, which is derived from the Sanskrit word Prana (meaning “life force), is defined as “control of life force.” As breathing is a vital function of life, Pranayama exercises in yoga rely on breathing techniques that improve overall physical and mental health.


About Breathing


It’s important to remember to always breathe through your nose rather than through your mouth, as your nose acts as a filter to clean the air before it enters our lungs. Not only do your lungs need air, but so do the cells in your body through the circulation system. The process of respiration is when oxygen is inhaled, and carbon monoxide is exhaled.


How we breathe affects our body greatly, so learning to breathe properly is crucial. Some ways breathing can affect our health include stress levels, heart rates, blood pressure, and digestion. Improper breathing can produce long-term health effects like inflammation and heart disease, all caused from poor intake of unfiltered air.


Our Breathe Collection


To help remind you to focus on breathing, we’ve come up with a variety of new products that everyone will love.


Featuring the word “Breathe” in script, our “Breathe Words” Cursive bracelet will remind you the value of each breath you take.


Our “Life Energy” bracelet is made with a white wax cord and stainless metal plate that comes in silver, 18k gold, and rose gold of your choosing, featuring the Sanskrit word “Prana” as a reference to the life force energy within you.


Containing Swarovski crystal, the “Inspire Change” Plate necklace has the word “inspire” engraved on a stainless metal plate, a guide to you to always inspire change around you.


Explore the rest of our Breathe Collection here!

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