the moonstone collection

In honor of Meditation Month, we’re celebrating with the launch of our Moonstone Collection! Many people like to practice meditation with the help of healing crystals, and if you’re looking to choose a stone that’s right for you, consider moonstone.


What is Moonstone?  

At first glance, moonstone is unique on its own for its dreamy and ethereal appearance. It is often a clear, transparent stone that lets light shine through, giving it an effect of having a magical glow. Historically known as the “Traveler’s Stone,” the moonstone gem was believed to have protected those who travelled at night or amongst water, and like the rose quartz gemstone, opened the heart to love and acceptance.


There are many different types of moonstone, the most popular one being white (“Adularescent”). Other kinds include peach/yellow, blue (“Cat’s Eye), gray, rainbow (“Peristerite), green, and black moonstone, all possessing similar properties.



Uses and Reasons to Celebrate Moonstone

Feeling unstable and having issues? Keep moonstone close and feel the glow of the moonlight from it infusing with your chakras. The moonstone crystal makes way for light during our time of darkness. A stone that is often associated with the human body, the female cycle, and the moon cycles, moonstone can be used when dealing with any case of hormonal, psychological, and even spiritual imbalance.

Being known as “The Traveler’s Stone” for the belief in protection during journeys, drivers and travellers can keep moonstones with them for caution and protection over personal possessions, travels, and personal safety.



Keep a deep connection to the moon with products from our moonstone collection for eternal spiritual healing.



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