6 Mindful Ways to Use Mandala Tapestries for your Yoga Life

Everywhere you look, you see mandala tapestries. They’re all over your Instagram feed, hanging on walls in your favourite yoga shops, laid out across grassy fields, and it seems like everyone and their mother has one – except you.

Sure, mandala tapestries are incredibly stunning but to you, they’re just another yoga blanket, right?


You never want a yogi to hear you say that a mandala tapestry is just another yoga blanket because they are so much more than that. Here’s a crash course on mandala tapestries, so you know why every yogi is jumping on the mandala blanket band wagon.


6 Yoga Ways to Use a Mandala Tapestry

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Hang Mandalas as Bohemian Décor

By definition, a mandala tapestry is a form of textile art that has a close relation to a painting, only in textile, woven-form. Originally, tapestries were designed to be used as wall hangings and while there are many new and modern ways to use them today, this is still one of the most popular ways to use mandala tapestries.


Use a Mandala for a Yoga Blanket or Mat


Yes, mandala tapestries make excellent yoga mats! They’ll add a pop of color and energetic art into your yoga practice, while also making your next yoga poses so Instagram-worthy. The only thing is, mandalas are made of soft fabric and won’t absorb your body’s weight and pressure like a yoga mat does. So, you’ll probably want to keep your mandala tapestry for yoga at the beach, local park – or somewhere with a soft surface.


Decorate your Zen Den with a Tapestry Bedspread

One of our favourite ways to use a mandala tapestry is in your very own zen den. Your bedroom is the one place in your home you can call – and make – your own, and it should emit all the energies you desire.

Adding a mandala tapestry onto your bed is an excellent way to do just that. It doesn’t really affect the temperature of the bed since mandalas are quite thin but it will definitely add in a nice dose of zen and bohemian into your den.  


Be a Bohemian Yogi at the Beach

If you’re a bare foot beach yogi, you need a mandala tapestry. They’re a million times better than a towel, they add a splash of personality into your beach yoga poses and style, and they are great for cozying up in when a chill blows through. Plus, they make the beach look super chic.


Transform your Mandala Tapestry into a Throw Blanket

Another excellent way to use a mandala tapestry is as a throw blanket. They’re super cozy and drape flawlessly over the back of your couch, adding all kinds of bohemian yoga style into your interior.


Set the mood with mandala tapestries used as window coverings

Set the mood within your interior by using your mandala tapestries as window coverings. They’re light and breezy, allowing for the perfect amount of light to seep in through your window sills while also blocking out the darkness of the night sufficiently.

So, hang a mandala tapestry over the window in your bedroom, office, and bathroom (hello, moody bubble baths). They’re much cheaper than generic blinds too!


Grab your push pins and head on over to Mala Prayer. We have all the bohemian, yoga mandala tapestries you need to decorate your home, practice and lifestyle with spiritual beauty.

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