Top 6 Morning Meditation Mantras

Good morning! Grab your bohemian tapestry or yoga mat, turn on your Himalayan salt lamp, and choose your mala beads you want to meditate with, because it’s time to kick-start your day with these morning meditation mantras.

How do I use a mantra?

But before we get started, you may be wondering, how do I use a mantra? It’s simple!

A mantra is a word, sound or phrase you repeat to help your concentration during meditation. By repeating your mantra, you’re able to channel the intention and energies you’re looking for.

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1. “Om."

What better way to start off this list of mantras for morning meditation than with a classic? “Om” is the most universal mantra out there, and it’s believed to be a powerful sound that produces electric vibrations that channel infinite consciousness. So, for an all-around humble, grounding start to your day, “om” is all you need.


 2. “Today is my day. It's going to be a great day.”

Repeating what you want from the day is an excellent way to kick-start the motivation and confidence needed to tackle your goals. So, repeat this mantra for a boost of good vibes that’ll start your journey towards happiness.


3. “I exist.”

Sometimes, the best mantras are the simplest ones. Repeating, “I exist” during your meditation practice at the break of dawn (or whenever you crawl out of bed) will boost your self-esteem and self-awareness. It’s also an amazing mantra to use when you’re feeling under-appreciated or defeated.


4. “I am.”

Similar to the prior, “I am” is a powerful mantra for morning meditation that allows you to acknowledge your true self. These two simple words, when repeated, will bring you joy and liveliness that will awaken your mind, body and spirit, even at the break of dawn.


5. “I am accepting of new opportunities and challenges.”

Change can be intimidating, even if it’s a positive change. So, if your day is going to send you on a new adventure, whether you’re taking on a new task, starting a new job or going on a first date, repeat this mantra during your morning meditation.


6. “I will strive for progress; not perfection.”

It’s important to recognize the differences between striving for progress vs. perfection. Striving for perfection can come with plenty of disappointment because it’s highly unrealistic. What is perfection, anyway? It doesn’t exist, but what does exist is progress and it can be found in every day. Repeat this mantra, and remind yourself of your goal for the day – to progress.


Meditation is a powerful way to wake up your mind, body and spirit – without the midday crash that comes from a jolt of java.  You can say your mantra out loud or in your head – it’s completely up to you and what makes you the most comfortable. Remember, this is your morning, your meditation and your mantra.

Learn more about mantras and how to choose a mantra for your meditation practice.

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