Ways I Became More Me Through Moving Meditation

Yoga has taught me to love Kombucha, malas and sweat-wicking fabric. It has also taught me how to love myself, my body and how it works. Here’s how:

It set my expectations

In my University days I wandered into my first yoga class with no expectations but “here goes finding something new”. Every class I enter, I have learned that the only expectation is to have no expectations. You will never be disappointed by what you did or did not achieve. If all you did was breath, you did your best class. This is equally as liberating outside of the yoga room. 

I felt more connected to my body

Yoga postures teach you how the human body works.  In this, I began to celebrate my body, what it could do (and not do), and how it made me feel more me every time I moved. Any yoga class that has movement in it is built upon principles of stretching, strengthening and twisting targeting tissues, organs, muscles and the skeletal system.

Your real-estate is your yoga mat. Your magic carpet ride. The real magic is to show up, move in your own body and feel what you feel. 

It’s an individual journey of acceptance

Celebrate everything you can and cannot do, and how empowering that is. Whether it is being able to hold Standing Bow for a whole minute or to touch the floor, celebrate those victories as they are relative to you. Don’t compare where others are at, in yoga or life, we all have different anatomy, histories and strengths. The more you focus on you and what you can do, the more you there is. 


When your next Namaste calls, look down at yourself in the pond of sweat atop your mat. “I am who I am supposed to be, and in no other time have I ever existed like this before.”


Steven Kavaratzis @sdkavz

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