What Do Mala Prayer Beads Do & How to Use Them?

Mala Prayer beads aren’t just a fashion statement. They bring an abundance of power to your yoga practice, which dates way back to ancient times. Traditionally, 108 mala beads were used to count mantras (recite prayers). These mantras are a set of words preached out loud or spoken silently that allow you to connect with the spiritual world.

Although Mala Prayer necklaces were originally specific to cultural and religious, they are now commonly used today to enhance one’s meditation practise or yoga journey.

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What do Mala Prayer Beads Do?

Each Mala Prayer necklace has a meaning of its own. By using the mala beads during your meditation, you’re channeling a different energy that allows you to get deeper into your practise. 

The spiritual power you’re channeling depends on the mala beads you’re using. Some mala beads are used to promote healing, others are used to fulfill desires, and some are used to transform your consciousness. It all depends on what you want from your meditation, yoga, and mala beads. As such, it’s recommended to purchase Mala Prayer necklaces based on their deeper meaning, instead of simply focusing on the exterior beauty to get the most out of the mala beads. 

Choosing a Mantra to use with your Mala Prayer Beads

There are many mantras you can choose to use with your Mala Prayer Beads. Some come straight from the ancient times, whereas others have a modern-day touch. You can also choose to create your own mantra, speaking the words that have meaning to you during your practice. Another option is to recite your intention, such as devotion (in Sanskrit is “Bhakti”), bliss (in Sanskrit is “Ananda), peace (in Sanskrit is “Shanti”), clarity (in Sanskrit is “Prasada”), etc. based on the type of mala bead your prayer beads are made of.

Here are some examples for you to choose from.

  1. “This too shall pass” mantra for strength.
  2. “I am capable of wonderful things” mantra for empowerment.
  3. “Om namah shivaya” matra for self-confidence.
  4. “Om hreem shreem hara hara swaaha” mantra for attraction.

mala prayer beads, mala prayer necklaces, mala beads, yoga, meditation, mantras

How do you use Mala Prayer Necklaces?

Learning how to use your Mala Prayer necklaces to their fullest potential takes practice. It's the same way with yoga and meditation; it takes time to learn how to truly connect your mind, body, and spirit on an entirely different level. However, there’s no better time to learn than right now. Here are the basic steps that will get you started with using mala beads during meditation:


1. Sit in a quiet, comfortable place and position.
2. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths to align yourself with your intention.

For example: If you have a Mihira Mala Prayer necklace, designed to provide calming and soothing properties, you would think about the calming and soothing you’re looking for). 

3. Choose a mantra to say out loud or silently.
- There are many mantras to choose from or you can recite a word or saying of your own.
4. Hold your Mala Prayer necklace in your right hand and use your thumb to “count” each mala bead, starting at the guru (pendant) bead.
5. Every time you touch a new bead, recite your mantra.
6. Continue to do so until you’ve gone around your Mala Prayer necklace and are back at the guru (pendant) bead.
7. If you want to continue, go in the reverse direction. 


And it’s as easy at that. You can skip the mantra and meditation altogether and simply wear your Mala Prayer necklace to reap the benefits that come from the energy of the stone used. For example, Kampa Mala Prayer necklace is designed with red turquoise and Afghan jade, both of which bring blessings and positive energy to everything it touches.   



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