What is a Sanskrit and How Do I Use One?

If you’ve recently checked out our Instagram, you’ve likely stumbled across our new stunning, boho chic Sanskrit necklaces. They’re super stylish and perfect for every wardrobe but what may surprise you is that the beauty of these necklaces goes far beyond what meets the eye. So, we’re here to reveal the true meaning behind our Sanskrit necklaces and why every yogi deserves to have one within her yoga attire.

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What is a Sanskrit?

The first question to answer is, “What is a Sanskrit?” After all, it can be hard to appreciate the beauty of these stunning new necklaces if you have no idea what a Sanskrit is.

To put it simply, Sanskrit is the primary language of Hinduism. It was the sacred language used in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. A Sanskrit was spoken or chanted while meditating to help communicate one’s intentions and to channel the desired energy.


What does Sanskrit mean?

Sanskrit may be a sacred language from ancient times but it’s also more than that. Sanskrit, when translated to English, means adorned, purified, perfected, cultivated and all of those other words you certainly want to be associated with your mindfulness.


How to Use a Sanskrit?

This one might seem like a trick question! After all, you can use a Sanskrit simply by wearing one of our stunning Sanskrit necklaces. However, there are also various ways – both traditional and modern – that you can use a Sanskrit to communicate your intention and energies.

Wear it

The most modern way to use a Sanskrit is to wear it around your neck. You can leave it at that or you can use your Sanskrit necklace to remind you of your intention throughout the day. It’s also an excellent way to remind yourself of your mindful goal. When the coffee runs out and the midday crash approaches, simply look at your necklace and take a couple of moments to breathe and become present in the moment. Afterward, you definitely won’t need a jolt of java, as meditation is better at rejuvenating you than a cup of joe.

Chant It

Another way to use a Sanskrit that is quite tradition is during meditation. Choose a Sanskrit that reflects your intentions and chant it – either in your head or out loud – while meditating. Adding a Sanskrit in your meditation is a powerful mix you simply can’t go wrong with.

Combine It

Then, of course, you can combine all of these awesome methods to maximize the effects. Wear your Sanskrit necklace, remind yourself of your intention throughout the day and meditate with it. Simple yet powerful!


So, if you’re ready to take a blast to more mindful times, get a Sanskrit necklace. Mala Prayer has various styles, all of which represent a different energy and intention.

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