What You Need to Know About Mala Beads and Fashion


Let’s get into the topic of what you need to know about mala beads and fashion! If you haven’t read the previous article, have no fear. The information here doesn’t rely on you reading part one first. However, we do recommend checking it out because it provides valuable information about your mala beads and the rules that surround it.

Other than that, grab your mala beads and discover everything you need to know about the stunning string of beads that are way more than just a fashion statement.


Someone Shouldn’t Wear Your Mala Beads… Unless

The traditional view of someone else wearing your mala or even touching your mala beads is a big hell-to-the-no. The same can still be said today, as mala beads are very personal and provide certain properties based on your intention and aura.

However, running in the opposite direction or freaking out anytime someone comes over to compliment your mala necklaces probably isn’t the best option in today’s society. So, what’s a yogi to do?

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Well, since times have changed it isn’t unusual for someone to reach out to touch your mala beads as they appreciate the stunning beauty. If they don’t know the meaning behind the mala necklace, they simply don’t know they’re doing anything wrong. Now, like all of the other rules surrounding mala beads today, it comes down to you and how you feel about the situation.

If you don’t feel like someone else should wear or touch your mala, politely explain this to them. This will also present the perfect opportunity to teach them about prayer necklaces, which they clearly don’t know about if they’re reaching out for a handful of your beads.

Furthermore, if the idea of someone touching your mala beads really freaks you out and throws off your chakra, you may want to keep them specific to your yoga practice as opposed to a fashion statement. More importantly, it takes a simple cleanse and mantra of your mala beads to quickly bring it back to your vibrational frequencies.  So, don’t panic if someone does touch your mala necklace. It’s fixable.

Mala Beads Can be Used for Fashion

With the prior mentioned, you may be wondering if it’s even mala bead etiquette to wear your mala necklaces as a fashion sense. Again, this comes down to what you feel is Mala beads, mala prayer, mala prayer necklaces, mala, prayer beadsright. It isn’t unusual to see people wearing mala necklaces outside of their yoga and meditation practise. They’re totally chic, trendy, and powerful. So, who wouldn’t want mala necklaces on them at all times of the day? However, if this doesn’t feel right to you and if you believe the chakra healing benefits should only be used during meditation and yoga, then reserve your mala necklaces for just that. To each their own.

The Mala Necklace Rules are Meant to be Broken

As the old saying goes, rules were made to be broken! This is actually quite true about mala necklaces because your mala necklace is never going to work for you if you aren’t using it the way you want. So, the mala rules are more of guidelines or recommendations as opposed to rules set in stone – pun intended. Do what feels right to you, and if that’s letting everyone get a feel of your beads, then go for it! Maybe you’re the type of person who thrives off of other people’s energies.


The most important rule about mala bead etiquette is to use it for you. Mala beads are always about you; your intention; your reason for using a specific style; your purpose; your desires; your inner thoughts; your whatever you want. This is the one place of fashion, yoga, and meditation where you can be completely and totally selfish.


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