Yoga Style Guide: What Type of Yoga is Best for You Part 1

 Yoga is quickly becoming the ultimate workout. Despite it being around for thousands of years, it’s only recently been picked up as a huge fitness trend – and it’s about time. Yoga is not only a workout for your body, but also, for your mind and spirit which makes it completely unique from all the other types of exercises out there. As an added bonus, yoga provides benefits that go far beyond what meets the eye.

However, with so many different types of yoga out there, that it can seem impossible to know where to start. But, we’ve made it easy for you. Below – and in part two of this blog post – you'll find the best yoga styles to practise so you can discover what type of yoga is best for you.



Positive mind, body, and spirit.

Unlike many other types of yoga, Anusara was only founded in the late 90’s, but it isn’t of any less quality than the tradition forms. Instead, it has a more modern approach that focuses on physical alignment that correlates with a positive mindset. It’s all about the goodness of all beings and goodness is exactly what you’ll receive when you practice this style of yoga.



Fast paced and fun!

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, flowing style of yoga, definitely try some Ashtanga. This type of yoga is more intense than others and focuses on a set of poses that are flow into one another and that are performed in the same order. It’s physically demanding and is sure to tone you up!



Hot! Hot! Hot!

Bikram (also known as hot yoga) is inarguably one of the trendiest styles of yoga. It consists of doing 26 yoga poses in a room heated to 95 to 100 degrees but not all classes make use of the entire set, which is fine because the key benefits come from the heat. The high temperature causes you to sweat profusely which is believed to loosen your muscles while also cleansing your mind, body, and spirit. Just be sure to pack in an extra towel in your yoga bag because you’ll need it.


Core Power

Demanding and powerful.

Just as the name reads, this type of yoga focuses on your core. It’s similar to Vinyasa flow, yet more demanding and powerful, which allows you to get an intense physical workout in that is just as beneficial for the mind.



Great for abs!

Despite what the name reads, you are not doing yoga in a forest with this type. Although, you certainly could if you wanted to. Forrest yoga takes on a modern approach to Hatha yoga, which you’ll read about in just a moment, and is all about holding yoga positions for longer periods. This style of yoga also places high emphasis on abdominal core work. So, get ready for those abs!



Calm and gentle. 

It only makes sense to follow the previous style of yoga up with this one. Hatha yoga is a fairly general term within the yoga industry as it defines any physical kind of yoga. However, traditional hatha yoga consists of gentle, slow-paced movements that are calming and relaxing. As such, this is a popular type of yoga for beginners.


Want to learn more yoga styles or haven’t found the type of yoga best for you? Have no fear. Grab your prayer beads and head on to part two of this blog post.   

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