Yoga Style Guide: What Type of Yoga is Best for You Part 2

 Let’s talk yoga! If you haven’t read part one of this blog post, definitely check that out so you can truly find what type of yoga is best for you. Otherwise, let’s get started and jump right into the different types of yoga you can use with your mala beads to achieve optimal mindfulness and a killer body.



Alignment and long holds. 

Iyengar is a style of yoga that places emphasis on achieving the best alignment for your body. It often incorporates various yoga props, such as blocks, straps, and ropes, to help you push just a little bit further. A challenge is always nice! With each pose, you hold it for longer periods of time which is different from flow styles of yoga where you smoothly transition into the next. This allows you to truly get that alignment on point.



Spiritual and mantras. 

One of our favourite styles of yoga to bring our prayer beads to are Jivamukti class. This type of yoga incorporates Ashtanga poses with meditation, spiritual teachings, and chantings (mantras). It’s physically demanding but the positive atmosphere and energy in these classes make it worth it. Plus, the results certainly don’t hurt.



Compassionate and physically healing. 

This is a different type of yoga that isn’t as popular as it should be.  Kripalu yoga has a unique approach that places high importance on compassion, physical healing, meditation and spiritual transformation. As such, it’s a powerful style of yoga for people who are dealing with emotional trauma, stress, and negative energy. The slow movements also make it an ideal type of yoga for people with limited mobility.



Chakras and spirit. 

This type of yoga is just as fun to do as it is to say – KUNDALINI! Kundalini is all about physical movement that is in conjunction with your breathing with the main purpose of freeing your body’s energy to align your chakras, which makes it the perfect type of yoga for prayer beads too!


Power Yoga

Intense and unique.

Just as the name reads, this type of yoga is physically demanding and highly influenced by the intensity of Ashtanga yoga. The only difference is that power yoga isn’t restricted to specific poses or sequences, which makes it unique and new every time you practice.



Stretching and revitalizing. 

Another popular type of yoga that is perfect for those of you looking to use your mala beads is Restorative yoga. It’s all about using props to support your body, as you stretching, unwind, and restore your mind, body, and spirit.  This style of yoga is like a breath of fresh air.



Slow paced and relaxing. 

We couldn’t leave out this type of yoga because it’s also a popular choice for many people – and for all the right reasons. Sivananda yoga focuses on five principles – asana, pranayama, and meditation. If these yoga terms mean absolutely nothing to do, check out our Yoga Dictionary, or try a class and you’ll have all your answers as you practice twelve carefully selected poses.


Vinyasa Flow

Intense and flowing. 

Vinyasa Flow yoga is quite similar to hatha, as it describes various types of yoga. It’s more of a general term that is associated with vigorous, flowing poses that make the movements with your breath.


So, it’s time to shop some prayer beads and take them to your next yoga class. The world is in the palm of your hands – or rather, on your wrist or hanging around your next – when you shop Mala Prayer.  


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