You might not always enjoy it (and that’s ok)

There can be an idea that every meditation session should be blissful, with you sitting like a mini Buddha, with a smile on your face.

Sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn’t. Both are ok. 

So don’t worry if you don’t find instant peace, or if your mind gets busy and loud. You’re not doing something wrong, or failing at meditation. Sometimes it’s hard. Really hard. 

Other times it’s beautiful. 

Let it be ok to not love every minute of, but know that no minute spent in meditation is ever wasted. 

Even if you don’t especially enjoy at the time, the benefits of meditation, the calm, the clarity, the centeredness, build over time, whether you’re sitting in cosmic bliss or not. 

So let go of the expectation that it should be easy, or fun, and instead use it as a time to check in with, and get to know yourself. 

Noticing that you feel agitated today, or calm, or stressed, and accepting yourself as you are in that moment, rather than trying to meet an idea of what meditation should be. 

You’re doing fine. Just keep going :) 

Author: Jade Doherty

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